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Cleveland Browns

Browns v. Lions - Second Quarter

By admin Published: August 23, 2008

Quinn's third possession doesn't bode any better.  Again three and out with ineffective blocks courtesy of the right side of the line leads to Quinn getting splattered to the turf on his tookes.

The Browns just succeeded in making Dan Orlvosky look Favre-esque twice on the Lions first possession of the second quarter.  And Kevin Smith brought back memories of Barry Sanders with a 35-yard touchdown run where no one really laid a finger on him.

Hmmm...Quinn begins to get into a rhythm, dinking and dunking the ball around when he finally throws an intermediate pass, it's dropped by Travis Wilson.  Quinn and company finally break the scoring drought to go make the score 13-3.  They blew a golden opportunity to score a TD by imploding near the goal line.

On the next drive he once again looked to get something going, but incompletions and near picks undo it.  Phil Dawson salvages it with a 53-yard field goal.  Overall Quinn is up and down on the drive, but at the same time he can't be completely blamed


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