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Conference call with Browns QB Brandon Weeden

By Marla Ridenour Published: October 15, 2012

Here's what Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden said during a conference call with reporters today:

Did you see yourself on SportsCenter: I didn’t. I got home and hopped in the shower and went and got a bite to eat with my wife and her mom and her boyfriend. I didn’t watch any TV last night. I woke up and came in the first thing this morning. I haven’t had a chance to watch anything.

How much confidence can team gain from its first win: A lot. We’ve been close the first couple weeks. We just haven’t been able to like coach says get out of our own way. We’ve shot ourselves in the foot. I think confidence-wise closing out a game, playing well in the second half, playing well in the fourth quarter in all three phases has got to give us confidence. Now the goal is to keep moving forward and build from it. Use the momentum going forward.

What is Josh Gordon’s impact as he stretches the field: He’s a guy, he did a lot of that at Baylor. He has an ability to run past guys. He’s a long guy who is a huge mismatch, especially on safeties. He can do some things there. It’s a great asset for us. He’s come a long way, he’s continuing to get more and more comfortable and grow each week. It’s huge for us. He’s a huge asset for us and we need him to continue to grow and play the way he’s been throwing.

On yesterday's wind: Yesterday was probably the worst I’ve played in. I played in Lubbock last year. It was worse, but it was different. It didn’t swirl like it did yesterday. It kind of swirls around the stadium. In Lubbock it was straight into and downwind. Those two games, are probably the worst I’ve ever played in.

Did you hurt your ankle: Yeah, I was fine. I got stepped on. When you have a 300-pound dude step on you, it doesn’t feel too hot. Yeah, I’m fine. I feel good today.

Almost get a sense you guys putting pieces of puzzle together: Yeah, I think so. We’re scoring a lot points, our defense is playing well, offensively we’re starting to click and mesh there. The entire team, against New York we had a bad play and it kind of snowballed. That didn’t happen yesterday. That kind of shows the progress we’re making from what we’ve been through. I think it’s a good thing. We’ve got a long ways to go, but we’re on the right track.

Fine line aggressive and foolish, seemed like you made a conscious effort not to go over line: It’s tough. We’re third and long, you want to make a play to extend a drive. They play good defense as well. You’ve got to be smart and check the ball down and take your shots when you can. That’s one things I’m really having to start dialing in on. You’ve got to take care of the football in this league. Each possession is too important to turn the ball over. I thought I did a pretty good job of that yesterday after watching the tape. For the most part I took what they gave me and we were able to put together some pretty good drives. We were a lot better on third down. Even though we went three-and-out however many times in a row, when we had good positive position we were moving the football and kept the defense off the field and we were able to get points.

Passes deflected at the line, what’s happening: It’s tough. Sometimes when guys don’t really rush, they kind of stick their arms up and try to get in a throwing lane. As a quarterback you’re trying to pull the trigger and they’re 6-foot-3 guys and they stick they’re arm up. It’s tough to throw around guys. I’d like to say I could throw a curveball like I did in baseball and throw around, but it’s just not that easy. The one yesterday, they’re trying to get the defensive linemen’s hands down however they can up front. We had three yesterday. It’s tough. That’s a good play by them. It’s tough to overcome.

Targeted 10 guys, what that say about you in this offense: Having the ability to throw to those guys just shows we’ve got weapons. I’ve got confidence in all the guys around me. I’m never reluctant to throw to a guy. Every guy that’s on the field I have confidence with. Coop, he didn’t get many reps with us, but I threw plenty of balls to him at Oklahoma State. I was able to throw it back shoulder and he knew and adjusted and made a great catch. It’s just confidence in the guys you’re throwing to. As a quarterback when you’re willing to take a shot, you have confidence that your guy is going to go up and catch it and if he doesn’t catch it, nobody catches it. My guys are good at that. It’s all them. I’ve got all the confidence in all the guys around me and that makes it a little bit easier for me.

Sheldon Brown thinks this is big for you personally, how you build: Keep continuing to grow from it. Not take a step backwards, that’s the main thing. It was a good one for me, good for the confidence, and good for all us rookies to get our first win. We have to use it as momentum and keep moving forward.

How did Montario Hardesty’s performance help your confidence in him: He had a great preseason, he did some good things there. For him to come off the bench with however many carries he had during the week in practice and perform the way he did, not that I did never did have confidence, but we have a lot of guys who can carry the football. He was a nice spark for us yesterday. He ran the ball extremely hard and got positive plays. I don’t know what he averaged per rush, it had to be 5, 6, 7, 8 yards (it was 3.7). He was sticking it up in the whole, he was doing a good job.

How different is Cleveland after a win: A lot different. The morale was a lot better. There were some excited people. People were great. Really friendly and congratulating and really excited about what we were able to do. It just showed the passion this town has and I’d love to win a lot more because it’s a lot more fun going out to eat and being around people when you win games.

Interaction with Randy Lerner, how that compare with Jimmy Haslam: I met Randy when I came in here. That was my only interaction. All the stuff was going on once we got here, as far as him selling the team and stuff. Mr. Haslam has been around a lot, I’ve talked to him quite a few times. He’s a first-class guy. I think everybody’s really excited about him taking over. He’s obviously a really savvy guy and he loves football. He’s a good guy to have on our side.

What happened on 7 straight possessions without a first down: I thought you asked me that last night, man. I thought the field position was tough. Even after watching the tape, we didn’t do anything different. When we ran the ball there were some better holes for the guys to run through. We really didn’t do anything different. This league is tough. That’s a good defense we played. Sometimes you have to tip your cap. They made plays there, we weren’t able to execute and we were able to throughout the rest of the game.

You've been on plenty of winning teams, what hope this win does: Hopefully boost us. Gives us some confidence going forward. The taste of winning, the feeling of walking in that locker room after you win a game, that never gets old. There’s nothing that can replace that feeling. After winning games like that, you want that feeling more than once. It’s got to give us confidence, guys are real excited to be here. It’s a lot more fun today. Guys are joking, laughing, having a good time versus losing a game. It’s good for us.

Went to eat, any fans sing happy birthday: No, fortunately they didn’t. They brought me a nice little dessert. I don’t really eat dessert, so my wife and in-laws ate it. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everybody was extremely friendly and congratulatory.


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