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Cribbs will show up to this week's minicamp

By dan Published: May 26, 2009

Browns special teams player Josh Cribbs plans on attending this week's minicamp, Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer is reporting.
Cribbs is in the first half a of a six-year, $6.77 million contract and wants it to be restructured. If its not, he said he would like to be traded.
Update from PFT:

Per a league source, the Browns indicated that, in order to address Cribbs’ contract, they need to examine first-hand his potential value to the team. And so, as a good-faith gesture, Cribbs has decided to participate in the voluntary sessions in order to give the new regime a fair opportunity to determine whether he’s worth significantly more than the long-term deal he signed in 2006. (Apparently, game film from 2007 and 2008 can’t be relied upon.)
That said, we’re sensing some skepticism in Cribbs’ camp regarding whether the Browns will show similar good faith in assessing his skills and deciding whether to increase his pay. And so there’s a chance that Cribbs’ stay will be a short one.

Notes... There has been no indication either way on whether or not kicker Phil Dawson will attend this week. He also skipped the "voluntary" minicamp last week.
Terry Pluto of the PD had some excellent thoughts on Brady Quinn over the weekend.
A couple people emailed me Michael Silver's rant about the Browns from Yahoo Sports. I'll have some thoughts on that in a separate post later today or sometime tomorrow.
I wanted to spotlight a comment made by Mike Rasor, an blogging cohort. It's on the Cribbs situation. It's after the jump. Just something to think about. And make sure to always check out his Zips blog.

Paying laborers and paying professional athletes under a salary cap are two different things. Randy Lerner is not trying to be stingy; he wants money to put together a team. You can deal fairly with people without compromising your cap.
Cribbs signed a bad contract. He should have realized that from Day One. He underperforms and he's cut. He overperforms and he's trapped for six years. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Now he wants a do-over. If he can maintain his level of play, someone will compensate him for it once he's a free agent.
Cribbs is saying, "You went back on your promise." Well, Josh. You said you would play football for the Cleveland Browns for six years. The Cleveland Browns, in turn, promised to pay you $620K per year. Who is breaking that promise — you know, the one that gave you a chance in the NFL?


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