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Cleveland Browns

Davis, Spiller have special bond

By Marla Ridenour Published: May 28, 2010

They may have divided the carries at Clemson, but Browns running back James Davis was so close with C.J. Spiller that he couldn't stand losing his roommate during his senior year in 2008.

Senior football players at Clemson are allowed to have private rooms, but Davis said that lasted only one game before he asked to be reunited with Spiller.

''My senior year, I'd been having good years all the way up, I didn't want to change anything,'' Davis said Thursday after a sweltering practice during Browns organized team activities. ''I wanted to keep rooming with C.J. He gets me up in the morning. I didn't want to miss a meeting or anything like that.

''He'd get up and play the music, that gets me up. If I have nobody in there, I can't really hear my alarm clock.''

Davis didn't say who took over that role last season with the Browns. But it seems like the two will remain close friends, even after Spiller was drafted ninth overall by the Buffalo Bills in April.

''He's a great guy, a great church guy. He'd come pick me up every Sunday,'' Davis said of Spiller. ''He's got a door key to my house. He'd say, 'Get up, man, we've got to go.' He's probably one of the best persons I ever met in my life.''


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