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Delhomme the kind of mentor Browns need

By Stephanie Storm Published: March 18, 2010

Many folks came away from Jake Delhomme's press conference in Berea impressed by the kind of leader the 35-year old sounds like he'll be.

Even if the 12-year NFL veteran can't shake the inconsistency that plagued him in the 2008 playoffs and all of last season, he could prove to be helpful behind the scenes if the Browns end up picking a young quarterback to develop in the upcoming April draft as is increasingly expected.

Consider Delhomme's thoughts on how he was mentored as a young quarterback and the responsibility it left on him to pay it forward. 

"I was lucky enough I had a couple of older quarterbacks kind of take me under their wing when I was younger. Billy Joe Tolliver was an older quarterback, played 10 years. When Mike McCarthy first came in, Billy was already in New Orleans and he had Mike in Kansas City. Here I am, extremely wet behind the ears trying to learn and he took me under his wing. He really helped me and taught me the system. After we studied all day and what not at the facility learning, we’d go back (Billy and I lived in the same apartment complex), and we’d do more that night. That was always special to me. Ultimately, it cost him a job (because) I beat him out that year."

"When I went to Carolina, Rodney Peete (was) the same way. Rodney was the starter and I came in at halftime of the first game and kind of went from there. But my biggest cheerleader was Rodney. (He was) my biggest fan in the film room. "

"I broke my finger last year and I was there for Matt Moore. That’s what I believe in, and I was proud of Matt. Matt went in and did an outstanding job. If a young quarterback comes here, one, we have coaches. But, two, I'm going to try to show him the right way that I was taught. That’s a legacy you pass on.  Especially if you are going to work with someone and be with someone every day in the film room and meeting room. You develop a relationship with these people."


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