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Forget questions about Bentley, he's gone

By dan Published: June 11, 2008

See Marla Ridenour's story here.
This will not adversely affect the Browns in the least. Some Browns fans (like most Cleveland fans are known to do) are probably freaking out right now.
"The Browns will now have a losing season and the line is going to fall apart."
"Derek Anderson is going to get destroyed."
"He's just the first LeClevelander that'll leave town."
Hogwash. (Fine, maybe not that last one)
Face it, Bentley probably wasn't going to be a starter this year. In fact, some doubted he'd even be able to play this season despite passing a physical Monday night.
It's not because he might be good, which is questionable. It's because Hank Fraley is that good. Bentley was never interested in playing guard for the Browns. ''Well, I came here as a center. I would like to stay there,'' Bentley told reporters yesterday.
Wrong. At the end of the day, Bentley came here to make $16 million and not play a down. Not even in the preseason. Sure, getting injured forced the signing of Fraley, which made the line better, but that says nothing about Bentley.
Even after Bentley missed the past two years, fans seemed to rally behind him yesterday. They believed in the former local prep superstar.
All he's done in return is further fuel the paranoia and doubt of Cleveland sports fans.
Update: Make sure to check out Ridenour's latest article following General Manager Phil Savage's comments.


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