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Former Browns standout Josh Cribbs: 'I am upset I wasn’t able to finish my career in Cleveland'

By Nate Ulrich Published: May 21, 2013

Former Browns wide receiver and three-time Pro Bowl kick returner Josh Cribbs recently signed with the Oakland Raiders, and he discussed his departure from Cleveland during an interview Monday with NFL Network’s NFL Total Access.

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

On his thoughts regarding his eight years in Cleveland:“I have to top that … here in Oakland. I feel like I had a great, successful run in Cleveland. I have a fresh start now, so I’m anxious to get at it, anxious to get back out there on the football field.” 

On if he is mad that he wasn’t able to finish his career in Cleveland: “I had some great times in Cleveland – it [was] just a lot of turnover among the organization. I had four or five head coaches, four or five GMs, five different offensive playbooks, two different owners. I’m looking for some stability. I am upset I wasn’t able to finish my career in Cleveland; love the fan base, but at the same time this is an opportunity right now for a fresh start. Change can sometimes be a good thing and I think it will be.”

On if he is healthy: “I’m healthy. I have a world to go before the season starts. First thing’s first is getting back out there, getting acclimated to football. I had an offseason scope; nothing too big on that end. I’m anxious to get back out there on the football field, meet my new teammates and just get started.”

On why he chose to sign with the Oakland Raiders: “Oakland seems like a good fit for me; same type of blue-collar town that Cleveland had. The fan base, it rivals Cleveland; Cleveland has a great fan base and so does Raider Nation. I’m proud to be welcomed in like the fans have. Great coaching staff, very personable guys out here. They really want to win; I could see that on my visit. This is just like Cleveland as far as a tradition of winning and that’s what they have here in Oakland, and I’m anxious to help them get back onboard with that.”

On if he can compare the Dawg Pound in Cleveland with the Black Hole in Oakland:  “I don’t really want to compare them; you’ll get in trouble with that. But at the same time I wanted to talk about the tradition of winning and both teams have a good tradition of winning; probably more Hall of Famers here [in Oakland]. My job and my goal is to get that back here in Oakland, to get this team right and to help them do that.”


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