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Cleveland Browns

Four downs from the first quarter vs. Pittsburgh

By Pat McManamon Published: September 9, 2007

Four downs (it means thoughts) from the first quarter of the Browns-Steelers at the stadium.
Score: Pittsburgh 17, Cleveland 0.

First -- It's mind-boggling. Four penalties and one dropped punt on one play for the Browns after their first possession. Combine that with a three-and-out (sack by Aaron Smith, who beat Kevin Shaffer on third down ) and that's not really the way to roar into a season. How in the world can one special teams unit commit four penalties on one play?
Second -- Welcome to the NFL Eric Wright. Two of Pittsburgh's first three passes were toward the rookie, with Hines Ward making a beautiful catch for Pittsburgh's first score.
Third -- I don't know what has happened to Charlie Frye. He plays with very little confidence.
Fourth -- After a Jamal Lewis fumble (two turnovers and one four-penalty play in the first quarter) Ben Roethlisberger finds Santonio Holmes for a 40-yard touchdown on first down last in the quarter. What a surprise. Bruce Arians goes deep on the first play. Might be time to say "game over." This comeback might be an impossible task for the Browns.


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