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Cleveland Browns

Fourth quarter thoughts vs. the Bengals

By Pat McManamon Published: September 16, 2007


First down -- Before the play, I say I agree with the Browns decision to go for it on fourth-and-inches with more than 14 minutes left. Gotta keep scoring to win this game, and punting the ball does not let you score.
Second down -- The Browns don't make it. Guess they should have punted.
Third down -- Well it's safe to say that Derek Anderson has justified the faith the Browns front office and coaching staff showed in him. Ditto for Jamal Lewis.
Fourth down -- Apparently both teams agreed before the game that rushing the passer and tackling would be illegal in this game.
Fifth down -- Braylon Edwards lays out for a touchdown pass. Anderson now has five. This is the team that was described to the world during preseason. Gigantic credit to them for hanging tough after a dismal opening week.
Sixth down -- Carson Palmer is pretty unbelievable. And where does Glenn Holt come from? With 3:39 left, the Bengals cut it to six. Now is when good teams win games by running the ball and the clock. Can the Browns do it?
Seventh down (we've completely lost the concept on this down thing, by the way) -- You would hate, hate, hate to give Carson Palmer one more chance to win this game when you're ahead by six.
Eighth down -- Leigh Bodden's interception ends the game. What a game. What a win. What an effort by the Browns, who rebounded from an amazingly tough opener. Credit to them all.


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