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Cleveland Browns

Fourth quarter vs. Raiders ...

By Pat McManamon Published: September 23, 2007

Oakland 26, Cleveland 24 (3:33 left)

First -- Easy to second-guess, but Joe Jurevicius was wide open on a third-down throw that Tim Carter dropped. Carter is a disappointment. Jurevicus catches everything. Hard to figure.
Second -- Then again, it won't matter a bit if the Browns can't stop the run.
Third -- What a pleasure it is watch Kamerion Wimbley, who plays hard, plays smart and does not celebrate his plays.
Fourth -- A 27-yard screen pass to Lamont Jordan on third-and-23? Are you kidding me? Sets up a field goal that gives Oakland a 26-17 lead.
Fifth -- Nice drive by the Browns to cut the lead to two. Braylon Edwards continues his fine start with a big catch. This game comes down to whether the Browns defense will stop the Raiders, which hasn't happened the last two drives.

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