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Cleveland Browns

Highlights from press conference with Browns coach Eric Mangini

By Nate Ulrich Published: December 20, 2010

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with reporters Monday afternoon. Here are some of the highlights from the press conference:

  • When asked if consecutive losses to the Cincinnati Bengals (3-11) and the Buffalo Bills (4-10) could cost him his job, Mangini said, "Well, I think the important thing for me and the important thing for the players, and I talked about this with the guys, (is) to just focus on the next game. I know you've heard that from me before, and that's really what I believe in. I believe that's the way that we're gonna be successful. That any individual is gonna be successful and not worry about the other things. That will all take care of itself."

  • When asked is he's concerned Browns President Mike Holmgren might think the team is headed in the wrong direction, Mangini said, "You're gonna have to ask Mike about questions like that. I feel pretty confident in the direction this team is heading and the direction that we're heading organizationally. I think it's apparent in the type of people that we've brought in, the way that we play. And look, there's hiccups along the road in any process like this. There's growing pains in anything like this, but I'm confident in the coaches. I'm confident in things that we've done. I believe in what we stand for and what we teach, and I think that we've got a very bright future for this team and this organization."

  • Mangini disputed reports that he took control of the defense's play calling against the Bengals. He said defensive coordinator Rob Ryan called the plays. "I wouldn't do that to Rob," Mangini said. "I have a ton of faith in Rob."

  • Mangini said cornerback Eric Wright will be placed on injured reserve and miss the rest of the season because of his left knee injury. Mangini said he doesn't know yet if Wright will need to have surgery.


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