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Cleveland Browns

Holmgren expresses interest in Browns position

By Marla Ridenour Published: November 21, 2009

Former Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers coach Mike Holmgren said in a radio interview Friday that he was interested in a football position with the 1-8 Cleveland Browns.

Holmgren told KJR-AM radio 950 in Seattle that he hadn't spoken to Browns owner Randy Lerner yet, but was ''very flattered'' when his name came up last week.

''I hope it's true some day that we get a chance to talk,'' Holmgren told KJR. ''I have tremendous respect for Mr. Lerner. Their team's struggling just a little bit. I absolutely would love to talk to him about the possibility of working there.''

When Browns executive advisor Jim Brown spoke at a luncheon on Tuesday in Cleveland, Brown said Lerner was meeting with ''one of the great football minds in this country'' and ''if things work out, that person will come in to run the football side of the Browns.'' Asked if that was Holmgren, Brown said, ''You said it ... and I heard it.''

The day before general manager George Kokinis left the Browns on Nov. 2, Lerner said he was looking for a ''strong, credible serious leader'' for the team's football operations and characterized it as a high priority.

When KJR host Dave Mahler suggested to Holmgren that the Browns may be a big project more befitting a younger man, Holmgren said, ''It's a very valid question you raise. To do that with any team, to a certain extent we did that going into Green Bay and a little bit coming into Seattle, it takes a tremendous amount of energy. There is a certain appeal there, there's a draw there.

''There's something in my personality, too, that taking on those types of projects gets me going. But there's a lot of work to do.''

Holmgren, 61, left the Seahawks after the 2008 season.

ESPN analyst Chris Mortensen suggested last week that it might cost Lerner $10 million a year to lure Holmgren for the Browns' top football position. Holmgren told KJR he would also want to make sure of the organization's direction.

''The important thing going to any organization is all the principals, all the decision-makers are pointed in the same direction, the same motives, the same desires and that you have a chance,'' Holmgren said. ''In the NFL, as you look around the different teams, I'm not sure you can say that about every team and it shows. The teams that are successful, through ownership down through management, down through coaching, there is a singleness of purpose. There's enough credit for everybody. No one gets territorial, it's just good and it shows on the field.

''In the case of the Cleveland Browns or any of the teams that are struggling, that question has to be answered before you can have much of a chance.''

Holmgren said during Friday's KJR show that he has ''no stress in his life, nothing to do,'' and had been enjoying riding his Screaming Eagle Street Glide motorcycle around the Phoenix area. He said he also plans to take a mission trip with his wife Kathy in December. The Holmgrens have been life-long members of the Covenant Church and Kathy Holmgren has been on several missions to the Congo.


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