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Jason Trusnik interview

By Marla Ridenour Published: October 8, 2009

Nordonia High School product Jason Trusnik's first interview Thursday as a Cleveland Brown. He was acquired Wednesday in the Jets trade for Braylon Edwards:

''Coming back home to the Browns, who I've rooted for since I was a little kid, being back with Mangini and also my family, that's nice.''

(Were you surprised by the trade) "Definitely a little surprised. I found out yesterday morning. It is what it is in the business. I'm very happy to be here.

(you like playing for Eric Mangini) "He's a great coach, he knows what he's talking about. We'll get after it a little bit on defense. I'm excited to see what happens.

(You seem to enjoy being a special teams ace) "I love playing special teams, all of them. I'm excited to get with coach Seely and play for him and do my thing.''

(What kind of mentality does that take) "I definitely think there's a mentality. It's all about having the speed to run down the field and also when you get down there be physical with your guy. When you have those two things, you can make some things happen.''

(Do you think you might play more here on defense) "Definitely. The role is kind of to be wherever they put me on defense, special teams both, whereever it might be. I'm going to do my job and hopefully get some defense, I'm excited about that.''

(What's it like to go from a winner to a loser) "It's just one team to the next. Players put aside records. I'm excited to be here with my family and this team and get to know the guys and coaches.''

(What was your family's reaction) "The family was definitely crazy. They're excited. This is their home team, too.''

(Do you have a memory of being a Browns fan) "Not really. Just being a Browns fan and knowing what great fans Cleveland has.''

(Who was your favorite Brown) ''There were a lot when I was growing up, the Bernie Kosars, Eric Metcalfs, those type of players.''

(Are you one of those guys like Brady Quinn who ran around as kid dressed in Browns gear) "Yeah, definitely. I don't remember who the jersey was, but I know I was running around with a little plastic helmet as a little kid.''


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