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Cleveland Browns

Living on the edge

By Marla Ridenour Published: November 18, 2007

Having games come down to Phil Dawson kicks for three consecutive weeks is taking its toll on Cleveland quarterback Derek Anderson.

''I'm lost right now,'' Anderson said after the 33-30 overtime victory at Baltimore. ''There's way too much to think about. I'm excited for everybody we won it.''

But as for the stress involved, Anderson siad, ''I wouldn't recommend it. I try to stay calm and know we're going to get a chance. I looked at the clock 28 seconds (in regulation), three timeouts. They're kicking it to Josh, you might get it on the 1-inch line.''

Here are some other jumbled thoughts Anderson had afterward.

(immediate reaction) Little crazy, huh? I'm kind of in awe right now. I was talking to Kyle (Boller) and saying, 'That was not very good.'
It's not always going to be perfect. Kellen made a great play to seal it.¶
(the last 3 weeks) It's been a little crazy. From one inch away we miss it and that's two more losses. It seems like every game I've been in is like that. It's a good feeling.¶
(penalties) We've got to correct that. I don't know what Chud's goimg to call on second and 35. It's a loud atmosphere, we have to stay confident and be poised in there.
(Ravens defense) They're a top five defense and I thought they had a good plan trying to take away Kellen and braylon. it was frustrating at times, but we kept fighting.¶
(pass to Braylon in regulation) I had to give it a chance. We had three seconds left. If I take a sack, it's over. I knew the middle of the field was going to be open and we had three timeouts. I missed him the play before. We ran a pump and he was wide open running down the sideline.¶
(last kick evidence) I didn't think about it. I was standing in the huddle and Hank goes, 'How did they get the machine fixed?'


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