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Cleveland Browns

Mangini keeps QB a secret

By Marla Ridenour Published: September 7, 2009

Browns coach Eric Mangini said he has made his decision on his starting quarterback, but intends to keep it a secret until Sunday's season opener at home against the Minnesota Vikings.

''In terms of announcing it publicly, that's not something I'm going to do,'' Mangini said Monday. ''It will be internal. I understand everybody has a different opinion on it. I respect that, I understand the excitement. But being on the other side of this as a defensive coordinator, it's more difficult to plan for two than it is to plan for one, it's more difficult to prepare for two than it is to prepare for one.''

Mangini said he will meet separately with Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, but both were in the dark about Mangini's decision during Monday's locker room period.

''I'll clearly explain what the decision was based on, why I made the decision I did, what my expectations are,'' Mangini said. ''I will make it clear that they support each other at all times, that they support the team at all times and they both prepare as if they were the No. 1 quarterback.''

Asked what he will do when the decision is leaked, Mangini said, ''Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure. I know how we're going to approach it. The team should be focused on Minnesota, should be focused on anything we can do to maintain a competitive advantage.

''What I feel good about is both guys have improved, and both guys have really prepared at a high level.''

Asked how difficult a decision it was, Mangini said he ''went through the process, talked to coaches, talked to (general manager) George (Kokinis), looked at all the information myself. It was thorough, detailed, through camp, OTAs, minicamp, the progress each guy made.''


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