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Mangini looking for impact from Wimbley

By dan Published: June 5, 2009

These comments made Thursday by Browns coach Eric Mangini about outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley are getting overlooked in the media. Check them out:

(On if the defense can get Wimbley to be an impact player like he was in his rookie season) – “What I am looking for from Kamerion is not just impact in terms of rushing the passer, but impact as an outside linebacker in this system. Sacks sometimes come in bunches. Sometimes there’s a bunch of them and sometimes you go on a little bit of a drought. The key thing isn’t to focus on the volume, the numbers. The key thing is to focus on the process. That’s what we are doing with Kamerion and with all of the guys, is to focus on the things that he can do better as a pass rusher.
The things that he can do better in the running game. How to vary up his pass rush and it’s an ongoing process. I stress, it’s not just Kamerion with that. We are always trying to give; here is your core move, what’s your counter off of that move, what’s your secondary move, what’s your counter off of that move. The ability to move the player from right to left, get in the sub package, maybe have him as a walk around type of guy.
All of those things can produce sacks. All of those things can take advantage of strengths. In order to take advantage of those strengths, you have to build in that flexibility and that is something that we are focusing on from a scheme perspective, and also individually identifying strengths and weaknesses, really working on the weaknesses and really trying to complement the strengths.”
(On if Wimbley needs to get stronger physically) – “Sometimes the best way to demonstrate your strength is to play with better technique. That’s a huge focal point for us, is always playing with good technique, hand placement and leverage. It’s always about those things, leverage and angles, and how you take on the blocker and things like that.”


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