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Cleveland Browns

Mangini looks across all sports to help teach players lessons

By Stephanie Storm Published: June 4, 2009

   The Browns have spent a portion of their practice this week during voluntary  OTA's (organizational training activities) reviewing what new head coach Eric Mangini called "situational work."

   SItuations such as Brian Westbrook's heads-up play against the Dallas Cowboys late in a Week 15 game. Westbrook passed up a sure touchdown to down the ball at the 1-yard line so that his Philadelphia Eagles would maintain possession longer and eat up the remaining time on the clock.

    "He could have easily scored at the point and then Philly has to kick off and who knows what happens," Mangini said. "But by him making that split-second and really selfless decision not to get the touchdown, they won the game."

   Not only is Mangini and his staff using lesson-learning plays from around the NFL, but they are plucking them from other sports as well.

   "The soccer player (France's Zinedine Zidane) where he had the head butt in the world cup game and got kicked out of the game," Mangini said. "He's their leading goal scorer and they lost by one goal in a shoot out...It was a poor decision and it ended up hurting the team."

   It is those kind of emotional, split-second, decision-making situations that that arise across the sports landscape that Mangini hopes his players will take into account and learn from now, rather than in the middle of a game when it can cost the team.

   "It applies to us because as we are all going to be facing those kind of decisions at one point," he said.


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