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Mangini mining, joking - no kidding

By Stephanie Storm Published: May 1, 2010

Day Two of Browns Rookie Camp Saturday in Berea wasn't as sharp as the first day Friday.

"As we get to this third practice (Sunday), they're a little bit more tired, there's more information that went in last night, so there was some mistakes made at practice," Browns head coach Eric Mangini said.

But  it wasn't anything he and his staff didn't expect.

"It's not uncommon for this group of guys and it's not uncommon when you get the veteran group or new guys in the mix," Mangini said. "But it's hard. It's hard to go from the training process to the combine and all those different activities back to practicing again."

FEELING GOOD - There's been a noticeable difference with Mangini and his demeanor since Mike Holmgren arrived as the Brown's president. Mangini has even gone out of his way to joke with the media the last two days, telling another funny story not related to football Saturday afternoon.

Asked about the process of "mining for a diamond in the rough" amongst the Rookie Camp invitees who've joined the eight draft picks and 10 free-agent signees for the camp, Mangini quipped: "I think it's too early in the mining process, really," he said. "I'm sorta still in the cave with that little light on my head."

That was funny enough on its own, but Mangini continued.

"A buddy of mine called the other day...He's trying to convince me to buy a mining town in New Mexico. I'm like, 'What am I going to do with a mining town?' It's in Bland. N.M. I thought, 'Oh, O.K. I see what you're saying. I'd fit right in there.' "


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