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Mangini's meanderings

By Scot Published: February 4, 2009

Eric Mangini Q & A:
      On the status of building his staff:  ``I can tell you that since we've
last met, I've hired George Warhop for our offensive line position and retained
Tom Myslinski as our strength coach. Alan DeGennaro will continue to work with
the strength staff as well.’’

      On Pro Bowl defensive tackle Shaun Rogers and not talking with him at
last month's Cleveland Sports Awards ceremony:

      ``I didn't really realize at the time that Shaun was there,’’ Mangini said.
``I know that's probably hard to believe with how big he is and how big I am, it's like two destroyers missing each other. … I've really enjoyed watching him
on tape. I always appreciate a 360-pound nose guard that's powerful and
disruptive and has a high motor.’’

      On the Browns Hall of Fame mural that was recently removed from a wall
in Berea: ``
When I got here, that was something that we had, a tribute area that
organizationally we were discussing moving to the front of the building. We had
a lot of different ideas in terms of how we are going to present that, but I
thought that would be better in a more prominent place with a higher traffic
area where anybody who comes to the building can appreciate that. … I believe in
the importance of the history of this organization and the men that have made
this team great. I think that tribute would be better out front where everybody
can have a chance to enjoy it.’’

     On the importance of bringing in players who are good people:
      ``I don't want to watch the player on tape until I know about the player
as a person. What's he going to be like in the locker room? Who's he going to
affect? That stuff is extremely important. I've seen it over and over again how important it is in a locker room when things are going well and when things
are going poorly. Those things win games.’’

    On the 15 people who were recently laid off while ``redecorating’’ the

      ``It's not like we're just throwing up some new drapes. … I understand the
difficult times we're in and I appreciate those things. I never would treat
that with anything but absolute seriousness. The changes that we do make are
made with the intent of helping us improve as a team and as an organization,
that is the only objective or motive.’’

      On meeting Tuesday with former coach Romeo Crennel:
      ``Romeo and I talked yesterday and went out to dinner. That friendship,
that relationship hasn't changed. He's got a lot of great insight. But one of
the great things about Romeo is he wants me to be as objective as possible. We
definitely talked about a lot of different issues and he was as helpful as he
could be.’’

      On the status of veteran quarterback Derek Anderson: ``It's still tough
to say just because a lot of things to look at in terms of this season. I like
to look back at previous seasons as well. … I also want to spend time with him
and learn more about him.’’

      Can you see a situation where you'd keep both QB's?: ``I don't really have it defined which way I have to go. I'm open to all different possibilities.’’

 On the status of young quarterback Brady Quinn: ``It's the same thing
that we talked about with Derek. It's ongoing in terms of getting to know him
better and watching him work. … It wouldn't be a fair assessment and not
something at this point you can define, with the quarterback position,
especially. It's how they work, how they lead, (their) huddle presence, the
system they're in, their mechanics, the way that they improve in areas and how
quickly that takes place.’’

      On running a 3-4 defense: ``You're always looking to be able to stop the
run. I think that's where it usually starts. Then, you're looking to not give
up big plays. … The real strength in my mind of the 3-4 defense is its
flexibility. Your ability to create whatever front you want to create based on
moving one or two pieces.’’

      On the status of veteran linebacker Willie McGinest: ``I haven't talked
to Willie. He sent me a text and we talked a little bit through that medium.
But I gotta see where he's at. Anytime a player has played as long as Willie
and has done as much as Willie, it takes some time for them to figure out where
they want to go and what they want to do.’’

      On the rivalry with the Steelers: ``What I definitely appreciate is the
rivalry and I appreciate the tradition and I appreciate the excitement behind
those games. I was here before, I remember that. I get that and we love that
aspect of it. … But you're always trying to balance that with the fact that you
don't want to create so much mystique with the opponent that you go into the
game with a competitive disadvantage. … They are the best in the NFL right now,
they were the best in the division.’’

      On the kind of offense he envisions: ``We started with a system that
looked very similar to what was here last year, more the digit system in that
family tree. I like a lot of elements of that offense, I like the multiple
personnel groups, the shifting, the motion, the no-huddle, the problems that
you can create formation-wise with that.’’

   On the passion of Browns fans: ``The passion will be here, the passion
is built in. It's never an issue.’’


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