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Cleveland Browns

McCoy, Clausen still available

By Marla Ridenour Published: April 22, 2010

After selecting Florida cornerback Joe Haden at No. 7, Browns general manager Tom Heckert didn't rule out trading into the end of the first round.

''If somebody falls where we can get them, we'll definitely try to get back up there,'' Heckert said.

But the only team that moved into the end of the round was the Detroit Lions, who traded with Minnesota at No. 30 and selected Cal running back Javhid Best.

Round 1 ended with quarterbacks Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame and Colt McCoy still available. The Browns hold the sixth pick in the second round and three picks in the third round, which gives them enough ammunition to move up if they're targeting McCoy and worried he could be gone.

While round 1 had little trade action, round 2 doesn't begin until 6 p.m. Friday, which allows plenty of time for phone calls between prospective partners.


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