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Mining gold from training camp reports

By dan Published: August 3, 2009

My favorite part about training camp is finding the little bits of information that doesn't get heavily reported upon. Here are a few things that stuck out today:
- The team is tackling during training camp, a rarity during Romeo Crennel's time as head coach.
- Left guard Eric Steinbach has added "15 to 20 pounds" of good mass. A silly offseason rumor was that head coach Eric Mangini didn't like Steinbach's light playing weight last season and that Steinbach could be cut because of it. That was highly improbable regardless, but it's nice to see Steinbach will be even stronger this season. It's likely he is left tackle Joe Thomas' backup as well as starting beside him.
- The first team offensive line during today's practice was Thomas, Steinbach, Alex Mack, Floyd Womack and Ryan Tucker.
- Brady Quinn unleashed a pass today that flew 55 yards in the air. Who said he had a weak arm?
- Every time running back James Davis has been mentioned since rookie minicamp, it's been solid praise. It will be interesting to see how he contributes in his first season. What really stood out is that Mangini talked highly of Davis' pass blocking.
- Defensive lineman Shaun Smith is reportedly down to 320 pounds. At times last season he was over 350. The weight drop should help his quickness, a trait greatly lacking among the Browns' defensive ends last season.
- Line from Tony Grossi's report today: (Kamerion) Wimbley seems to be everywhere on the field.


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