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By Marla Ridenour Published: October 29, 2007

Leftovers from Sunday's post-game interview with receiver Braylon Edwards:

(On his tough catches) The catch on the sideline, that was all D.A. I didn't give him too much at the line of scrimmage, the DB had good coverage. D.A. scrolls me to the sideline, he put the ball in a great spot.

(On his touchdowns) The first one I was able to jump over the DB and catch it, it was a great throw. The second touchdown he threw it low. The DB, by the time he turned around and saw it it was too late. I had to dive for it.

(helmet) I apologized to the team and to the coaches. I thought the quarter was over with. That's not the kind of player I am and not what Romeo teaches. It will never happen again.

(chemistry with Anderson) Derek is trying to give me a chance. He's understand I'm a taller receiver. He's trying to put the ball in a spot where I can go get it before a DB sees it. He's been doing that a lot lately in practice and he's doing it real well.

(Rams defense playing single coverage) They single-covered T.O. and Steve Smith. They play zone on the front side and man on the back side. We knew they were going to do it.

(you, Kellen and Jurevicius) We're a heckuva 1-2-3 punch, especially in terms of a 1-2 in Kellen and I. A lot of times you have a great 1-2 punches in receivers, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. By having Kellen on the inside it creates more mismatches, it creates more in terms of coverage rotations. When you throw Joe Jurevicius into the mix, the middle of the field's wide open, Joe does a lot of good things. Without Joe's plays today, a lot of those situations and set-ups wouldn't have been there.

(catch at 10 yard line) The DB jumped on top of me, D.A. threw the ball behind me on purpose. It looks like a bad throw on TV, but it's exactly what we wanted to do.

(helmet cost the team a score) I wasn't worried. The way we've been recovering all year, the defense making plays at the right times, the offense making plays that we need. My team had my back.

(two 4th down stops) That's one of the two best things that can happen on the football field, a come-from-behind win and a stop on fourth down. To watch them do it twice, especially at the end of the game in that situation, that says a lot about their fortitude, their will and their resolve.

We were elated and we won because of it.

(you fewer dropped balls) The main thing is just focus. You want to get 20 yards before you even get the ball. You don't do 1, 2, 3, which is see the ball all the way in, catch it, then turn around. Patience. I've allowed the game to come to me, I've been relaxed. I catch the ball, secure it, then turn up the field.

(what it feel to run over a guy) You see so many guys at my position who are fast who make moves and make people miss, they run by guys. Every once in a while you get an opportunity where a guy is expecting you to outrun him or juke him. He sets himself up to be free. I did what I had to do. It feels real good. You're proud of those things.

(would you have won this a year ago) Who knows?


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