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More thoughts on the Cribbs situation

By dan Published: May 19, 2009

The latest word out of Berea is that if Josh Cribbs isn't given a new contract he'll ask for a trade.
No surprise. That's how contract negotiations in professional sports work. However, when you start thinking more about the latest Browns nightmare, it's apparent how much the franchise has sunken.
Cribbs is an incredible special teams player. He has the ability to give the offense a new wrinkle. He's supposed to play on defense this year at strong safety or nickel cornerback. Heck, on the surface, he seems like a good guy who works hard.
But when you get right down to the facts, Cribbs is just a guy who excels on special teams. He flashes the ability to do more, but right now he's completely unproven as anything else.
So should Cribbs be in a position to ask for big-time money? Everyone would probably agree that the $620,000 Cribbs is scheduled to make in 2009 is a deal (relatively speaking). But what is the right number? Certainly it's not four years and $40 million like Devin Hester received from Chicago.
More importantly, should a special teams stalwart set contract renegotiation precedent for new regime?


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