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NFL Draft 2011: Transcript from conference call with North Carolina WR Greg Little

By Nate Ulrich Published: April 29, 2011

The Browns selected North Carolina wide receiver Greg Little tonight in the second round (59th overall pick) of the 2011 NFL Draft. Here is a transcript of Little's conference call with reporters:

Browns WR Greg Little Conference Call 4-29-11

(On what North Carolina Head Coach Butch Davis told him about Cleveland) -- “He said it was a remarkable organization to be a part of and I’m happy to be here.”

(On his one year layoff from football) -- “It was really tough for me. I learned a tremendous amount of how to deal with success. Just being able to deal with it at such an adverse time, I think I’ve grown a lot from it. A lot of my morals and values have changed so much just from sitting out that year. I’m so hungry and ready to get back and play. It just baffles me sometimes.”

(On if he felt that he had to prove to teams that he had learned from his mistakes) -- “That was one of the issues or major concerns that a lot of the teams were really talking to me about. I think I did a great job with addressing them and I’m just happy to truly be a part of the Browns right now.”

(On his physical nature as a wide receiver) -- “I think I developed that a lot from being a running back early on in my career and just being a physical, downhill runner and getting north and south as soon as you catch the ball was really where I got it from. But now, just trying to develop into a complete wide receiver is one of my goals right now.”

(On whom he emulates in the NFL) -- “I kind of emulate an (Houston Texans wide receiver) Andre Johnson and (Baltimore Ravens wide receiver) Anquan Boldin type of a guy. I watched a lot of film on those guys and (they are) some guys that I can really learn from as well.”

(On his overall growth potential) -- “I think to me, to be accepted as a second round draft pick, while just playing the position completely one full year, I think the sky’s the limit for me right now. Honestly, I think I have so much upside to wide receiver, not having played the position but one complete year. I’m just ready to get back at it.”

(On what he did to stay football sharp during the past year) -- “I caught a lot of passes. I kind of prided myself on catching 100 balls a day just to stay sharp and that’s one of the things that our (North Carolina) Offensive Coordinator John Shoop asked guys to do in the offseason at North Carolina. I think that’s basically how I stayed sharp.”

(On what makes him a good fit for the West Coast Offense) -- “I come from the West Coast Offense. The same terminology, the same verbiage, exact same calls, everything. I think it’s going to be such a smooth transition to where when I met with the Cleveland Browns I knew a lot of their terminology already. I think that’s one of the things that I’m really excited about as well.”

(On if he has heard from Browns QB Colt McCoy and if he plans to get in touch with him) -- “No. Colt was in a conference after I got drafted, but I sent a text out to him and I’m awaiting his call right now.”

(On being the Browns number one receiver) -- “Quite frankly, I just feel like that’s something that is earned, especially in this league. I feel like that is a challenge that I am ready to step up to the plate and accept. I think those are some of the things that push me, that I’m always willing to accept the bigger challenges.”

(On his speed and 40-yard dash time) -- “I think a lot of things come into play as a wide receiver.  Route running, ability to separate and not only just straight line speed, but if you can’t break down and cut from that, then that will also hinder you as a wide receiver. I think that is one of the things that I flourish in my game, route running and the ability to separate. I think I wasn’t able to display my growth in that aspect, but I’m completely ready to step on to the challenges of the NFL right now.”

(On what he learned his mistakes and from sitting out a year) -- “Knowing how to handle success. I think I just learned an abundance from sitting out this season from a maturity standpoint. Rearranging my morals and values as a person and as a player and I think I’m ready to show everyone the guy that I truly am.”

(On if playing running back at UNC influenced his style at wide receiver) -- “Most certainly it did. It made me a more physical, downhill runner. I think that’s where I can kind of excel from that, just from having played, earlier on, running back in my career.”

(On his “diva” reputation and rearranging his morals) -- “No, not so much. I think I’ve gotten that just from what people have seen on film, and then kind of not getting to know me as a player or as a person off the field. Meeting with them at the Combine and coming on that visit, I think they got to know exactly the person who I was. Having worked with (Browns Tight Ends) Coach Steve Hagen also on the staff, he kind of saw me develop as a person and as a player as well. He knows exactly the guy that I am right now.”

(On what he thinks about the his perceived negative reputation) -- “It’s only something that I kind of want to show everybody the real me. I think I will be under a high magnifying glass and everybody’s watching what I’m going to do. I think that’s a great thing. It’s a great opportunity because people will get a chance to see exactly who I am as a person.”

(On if he has stayed in touch with Butch Davis and if he is aware of his background as Browns Head Coach) -- “Yes, I’m very aware. I received a text message from Coach Davis and his wife and his son. I’m very close with Coach Davis. I know him coming from the Cleveland Browns and I respect Coach Davis so much as a coach and as a man. I think I was really fortunate to be coached by him.”

(On if he knows Browns wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi) -- “He hosted me at Georgia when I was down there on an unofficial visit. He’s someone I kept in contact with a little bit during the recruiting process. He’s a really great guy and I admire him as a player as well because I got to see him play in high school and some in college as well and watching him in the NFL. I admire him and (Brian) Robiskie and (Josh) Cribbs, all of those guys. I think I’m really a part of a great wide receiver group who are great guys.”

(On his basketball career at North Carolina) -- “It was a very brief career. I spent some time just learning from Coach (Roy) Williams and every single player from that team. Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington, Danny Green, all those guys. Everybody that was on that team I learned so much from them and I think I kind of tried to bring their tradition to the football team and just having so much to do with them having a winning program. I think I was able to display my athleticism as well.”

(On his tweet about what makes him so excited to be a Brown) -- “It was so many people via Twitter pulling for me to come to the Browns and it’s just really exciting to kind of fulfill that. Being able to become a part of the Cleveland Brown nation, I’m just really excited to be a part of them.”

(On when he will be in Cleveland and where he is now) -- “Right now I don’t know, (it’s) depending on what new issues have risen from the new CBA and what’s going on with the lockout right now. I’m in my hometown, Durham, North Carolina. I’m ready to get ready to come up there with Colt (McCoy) and get ready to play.”


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