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NFL Draft 2011: Transcript from the introductory news conference of Browns first-round pick Phil Taylor

By Nate Ulrich Published: April 29, 2011
Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Phillip Taylor answers questions at an NFL football news conference at the team's headquarters in Berea, Ohio Friday, April 29, 2011. The Browns took the former Baylor lineman with the 21st overall pick in the first round of the draft Thursday night. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Browns first-round draft pick Phil Taylor met with reporters at the team's headquarters this evening in Berea. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

Browns defensive lineman Phil Taylor press conference 4-29-11

(On how stressful the draft process was) -- “It’s kind of tough.  It’s a four month process, but it seemed to be about two years.  I am glad to be done with it and ready to get in here and work.”

(On the negatives that come out about a player during draft process) -- “I take it how it is.  I know the true story behind things.  The foot thing was just rumors. I am just glad to be here.”

(On the foot rumors hurting his draft position) -- “I don’t think it did because as soon as it came out my agent got right on top of it and squashed it.”

(On what he has learned about the Browns since being drafted) -- “Just knowing that it is an up and coming team and I look forward to being out there.  It’s a young defense and I look forward to being out there and making plays with the young guys.  I just want to get out there as soon as we can.”

(On if he watched any Browns games last year) -- “No, we didn’t get to watch a lot of the games because on Sundays we are watching film and stuff like that.”

(On what he knows about Ahtyba Rubin) -- “I’ve heard some things about him from the fans.  They say we will be a good tandem in the middle.”

(On the rivalry with the Steelers facing Ben Roethlisberger) -- “I know how much the Cleveland fans hate Pittsburgh and I look forward to the matchup.  He is a great quarterback, but when I am going to play against him, he is going to go down.”

(On what he learned from experience at Penn State) -- “It was just a learning experience.  Everybody makes mistakes. I was young and I just moved on from it. I’m just glad I’m blessed to be in this situation right now.”

(On if he would be in the same situation right now if he had stayed at Penn State) -- “I don’t know.  I just think Baylor was the best move for me and I am glad I made that move.”

(On why he transferred to Baylor) -- “Coach (Brian) Norwood. He was at Penn State while I was there and he recruited me coming out of high school.  He went down to Baylor to be a defensive coordinator and I came down there when he went down there.”

(On if coach Norwood attending draft with him) -- “Yes, he was in the green room with me.”

(On if he had a total transformation of character while in college and if he was going down the wrong road) -- “It wasn’t that. I wasn’t going down the wrong road. I just made a mistake as a young guy there and I learned from it.  You can only get better from learning from things you do in the past, so I learned from that and I just moved on and it made me better today.”

(On his first impressions of Pat Shurmur and he wants from him) -- “To be a great athlete and get out there and do what I’ve got to do.  He is a great coach and I look forward to being coached by him.”

(On what his motivation was to lose weight) -- “Not just for football.  I know I needed to lose weight to play better on the field, but health wise down the line.  A lot of people deal with weight issues in their young age and in their 40’s and I didn’t want to be that way.”

(On how much weight he lost) -- “Since I have been down at Baylor I have lost about 50 pounds.”

(On if it is tough to keep the weight off) -- “In the beginning it’s tough, but once the weight starts to come off and you get into the right routine and being more disciplined, it’s easy.”

(On what the right weight is for him to play at) -- “Between 330-335.”

(On how he lost his weight) -- “Just eating the right things, not eating too much, not eating late at night and instead of eating out a lot, making a nice healthy meal at home.”

(On if his weight loss was the biggest reason for his increased performance from his junior to senior year at Baylor) -- “Yes, sir.”

(On what the toughest item was to give up in his diet) -- “It wasn’t mostly the bad foods, just eating late at night, that’s probably what it was.”

(On what kind of player he wants to be in Cleveland) -- “A great player all-around. A run-stopping defensive tackle and also a pass rusher as well.”

(On if he was allowed to rush the passer much at Baylor) -- “I did both. We ran the 4-3 scheme just like here.”

(On what happened in the Texas Bowl) -- “It was our first bowl game in what, 15 years. We worked hard in practice and things just didn’t go our way in the bowl game.”

(On who he would like to see the Browns select in the second round) -- “I would like a nice defensive end next to me.”

(On if he knows Da’Quan Bowers) -- “Yes, I know Bowers.”

(O why he thinks Bowers has dropped) -- “I think it’s just the media. You know I talked to him. We had a little talk. I mean he checks out fine to me.”

(On if he grew up in a tough neighborhood in Washington D.C.) -- “No, not really. I was only in D.C. for a short period of time and I moved out to Maryland actually to play football. I started playing football in ninth grade at Gwynn Park High School. One of the other Browns here, Joe Haden, we played at rival high schools.”

(On if he read the pre-draft scouting reports on him) -- “I try and stay away from that stuff. It’s just media. I love to practice because when you practice hard, you do good in the games.”

(On sitting out a year due to NCAA transfer rules) -- “It was tough because I played four years of high school, then I played my freshman and sophomore years at Penn State. Then sitting out for a year and not playing football, just watching. I got to practice, but just watching the guys play in the games, it was tough knowing that I can’t go in there. It humbled me a lot and made me work even harder and it got me better.”

(On what in his skill set allows him to rush passer) -- “I’m a good run stopper but I’m a good pass rusher as well so given the opportunity out there on the passing downs, I can get to the quarterback as well.”

(On the rivalry in high school with Haden) -- “He went to Friendly High School and I went to Gwynn Park and I never lost to Friendly High School.”

(On if he knows Haden personally) -- “Yes, I know Joe on a personal basis.”

(On if he has talked to Haden and if he is excited to have him here) -- “Yes, we talked. We’re real excited. I’m ready to get to work and he’s ready to get to work as well.”

(On what motivates him) -- “Winning. I want to win and get to the Super Bowl.”

(On the lockout situation) -- “As players, we don’t like it. We’re just going to have to take it how it is. If they continue with the lockout, I’m going to just go continue to work out where I was working out at. Then if they lift it, we’ll get in here and learn the playbook and things like that.”

(On if he has a playbook) -- “No, not yet.”

(On who his agent is) -- “Peter Schafer.”

(On if he knows Jordan Norwood) -- “Jordan, we know each other real well too, because when I was at Penn State, we knew each other.”

(On his relationship with the Norwoods) -- “Oh coach Norwood, he’s just like my father figure away from home and when I needed to talk to him about something I would go to him.”

(On if Norwood was the number one reason he went to Baylor) -- “Yeas, coach Norwood, he was at Baylor. He came down from Penn State. Also my defensive line coach down there Chris Achuff. He was a GA (graduate assistant) at Penn State before.”

(On Baylor’s treatment of players) -- “The treated you like adults, but it was up to you to do what you had to do.”

(On if he needs to improve a specific part of his game) -- “It’s the pro’s, anything you thought was good in college, you’ve got to get better at the pro level. I’m open to all coaching.”

(On playing the one and three techniques) -- “I did it my entire career playing the one and the three technique. Mostly one technique this year, but I played a lot of three technique as well.”

(On if they had a lot of pass rushing opportunities) -- “We had a lot of pass rushing opportunities.”

(On if he came out on third downs) -- “No, I was in a lot on third down. Sometimes we would bring in an extra defensive back and then we would rotate the defensive line in some type of way.”

(On his pre-draft conversation with Browns) -- “When I came here on my visit it felt like home, so in my mind I wanted to be a Brown. When they called it was like a dream come true.”

(On his size and stamina) -- “You have to be in good condition and that’s what helped me out a lot. I was doing a lot of other stuff other than practice, doing cardio everyday and running after practice.”

(On knowing Casey Hampton and Vince Wilfork) -- “No I don’t know them, I just watch film a lot on them, just to learn different things.”

(On his intensity and passion) -- “I love to win and I hate to lose. I’m going to come in here ready to work and to do what I have to do to play.”


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