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Phil Savage, horse's patoot?

By dan Published: December 3, 2008

At least one Yahoo! Sports blogger seems to think that way in his latest column. Michael Silver, take it away:

Unless you are young, self-employed or incredibly blessed, you’ve probably had a boss like Browns general manager Phil Savage.
You know, a guy who cares only about his own hide, perpetually blames organizational underperformance on his employees and acts like everything he does is above reproach.
Oh, and in this case, a GM who goes on the radio the day before Thanksgiving to undercut the head coach he hired in 2005 and signed to a two-year extension last January.
In other words: A real horse’s ass.

Between Savage's F-Bomb detonation, Derek Anderson calling reporters crackheads and Silver dropping this booty blast, what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on around here?
I mostly agree with Silver that Savage should be doing a better job of taking accountability for the team's poor play. It can't all be the coaches and players. For instance:
- Savage is the sole reason Baltimore has Haloti Ngata and we have an outside linebacker who can't pressure quarterbacks.
- Domenik Hixon isn't a Brown. Savage personally came to the University of Akron's Pro Day a few years ago to check out Charlie Frye. He could have just as easily come down I-77 the next year to see Hixon impress.
- No veteran cornerbacks were added before this season. The one added during the year, Travis Daniels, hasn't even played.
- The overpaying for Corey Williams. No one is really mentioning this one yet, but he's been bad. Savage gave up a second round pick for him.
But still, the team overall is more talented now than anytime since it came back in 1999. It seems some forget how bad those teams were, how many offensive linemen the Browns went through, how many awful picks they had.
So, Savage should (and probably will) have his job with the Browns in 2009, but maybe it's about time he performs it with a little more humility.
Horse's ass? No, but partly thanks to Savage, this season sure has been a stinker.


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