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Cleveland Browns

Phil Savage surfaces in an unlikely job

By dan Published: April 9, 2009

If you're a former failed NFL general manager who started as a renowned talent evaluator, odds are you'll find a scouting job fairly quickly after losing your job.
That's true, unless your former Browns GM Phil Savage.
The f-bomb dropping Savage will be the radio color analyst for the University of Alabama's spring game.
See, this isn't so bad.

It's possible, if Savage impresses, he could be in line for the job next season.

Don't judge. We're in a recession!
Savage is also still being paid by the Browns, so it's unlikely he could take a pro scouting position and still receive the money owed to him by the Browns.
Note: Sometimes I hate the site we use to run our blogs here at I had this scheduled to go up first thing this morning. I thought I was pretty slick finding it. Instead, it didn't go up. A couple other people are talking about it, including John Taylor from The OBR.


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