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Player quotes following today's game

By dan Published: September 13, 2009

The following are post-game quotes from Browns players following today's game:

QB Brady Quinn

(On the change of offense from first half) – “It’s hard to pinpoint right now. I think that change was an accurate assessment of what happened.  We didn’t do the things we needed to and, personally, I didn’t take care of the ball like I needed to.  It’s going to hurt you in the end.”

(On the interception) – “It was just miscommunication.  Again, I always try to make those guys right, so I need to take fault for those sorts of decisions.”

(On communication with Braylon Edwards) – “The first play I got hit, so on my way down, I pulled the throw off.  For the rest of them, I don’t think miscommunication was necessarily the case.”

(On the game) – “Again, I just need to take care of the football.  Looking back on it, the one ball that slipped out, I was trying to make a play. That sort of thing can really help you and maybe get you back in the game, but a lot of the time they end up hurting you if that ends up being the result.”

(On not stretching the defense) – “I wouldn’t say that was the case, again. We had a touchdown called back and tried to stretch the field there.  There was another deep one to Braylon later on and a couple other times, including the interception, trying to stretch the field again. It changes as the game changes. Obviously, the defense is going to change and they are not going to allow you to push the ball down the field if they have the lead or are up a couple scores.  So, again, that is going to change what is open, what is there, and what is not.”

(On Minnesota’s defense) - “They are a good defense. Their front is very solid and they brought a lot of pressure.  It got to us at times, but those are all things that we can be accountable for and fix.”

(On staying positive for the season) – “Well, again you take away the positives from each game whether it is a win or a loss. Tonight and tomorrow we will be critical of ourselves watching film and prepare for Denver next week. That’s all you can really do at this point. It’s the first game of the season, but there are fifteen more.”

(On what went well today) –“Obviously, the offensive drive at the end.  We battled up and down, but were able to come up with a score.  That is always good, even though it ended up not really mattering a whole lot. I think the first half, the way we were able to execute checks, and things of that nature.  We were up at halftime and we felt pretty good at where we were at, but that wasn’t the case in the second half.”

(On Kevin Williams’ defensive play) – “He’s a great player.  He was a Pro Bowler last year and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were again this year.”

(On the offense finally scoring a touchdown) – “That’s something you write about, not something you think about.  It’s a new season, a new team, and a new set of scenarios.  We are just trying to build on that right now.  That’s something you can go back and look at and create all the fun, little cool facts and everything.  We don’t pay attention to them.”

(On looking ahead to this season) – “At any point in time, you can look back into the past and say I wish I would have done that, but it doesn’t matter.  You do what you can and move forward.”

(On keeping the starting quarterback position a secret) – “It can be a tough deal at times, but I think our team did a great job of handling it.  We came into this week, and all throughout camp, with the competition at the quarterback and really all across the board.”

(On feeling pressure of the starting position) – “That’s not really something you think about out on the field. No, I don’t [feel pressure] and I didn’t.”

DL Shaun Rogers

(On Adrian Peterson) – “We just need to make adjustments and get the job done. To be honest, he is a great back and we knew that coming in here.  We just have to play him for all four quarters.

(On stopping Peterson in the first half) – “We have to understand that we can get the job done.  We have to clean up the mistakes in the second half, whether it is mental or physical, and take a look at it tomorrow and assess it and clean it up.”

(On how the Vikings tested them for the season) – “We said that coming in that they were going to be a good test. There are some positives and there are some negatives.  At the end of the day, we lost the game, so that is a negative.  It is game one and you don’t want to lose, but we have fifteen more, God willing.”

(On the believing the Peterson hype) – “You saw it. I’ll give the man credit. He took some tough licks throughout the whole game and kept with it until he broke some. That’s a mark of a great back.  You can’t take anything from him because he showed what he is capable of and they won the game.”

(On the quarterback pressure) – “I think we got about four sacks today and that is always a plus when you can rush the quarterback, but you can’t be the one to miss on defense.  You have to be able to pressure the pass and stop the run on defense, which are the marks of a good defense.  I thought we were well on our way in the first half, but we didn’t finish the game.  That’s what happens when you don’t finish the game, you lose.”

(On his play) – “You’re never satisfied when you lose.  Personal victory, yes, but at the end of the day, I’m worried about wins.  I could have no sacks, no holding calls or anything and be happy if we win the game.”

LB D’Qwell Jackson

(On Adrian Peterson’s touchdown run) – “That’s the first play I am looking for.  It’s not the good plays, but the bad plays.  We showed that we can be a dominant defense.  I hate to talk about last year, but we showed glimpses on how well we can be.  We are going to be who we are. We are going to stay committed to it.”

WR Joshua Cribbs

(On the punt return touchdown) - “It was a nice kick, he had good hang time and we practiced up on him.  There was a lot of good blocking out there.  I just followed my blocking into the end zone.”

(On the play of the offense) - “I felt like our better half was the first half.  We had key points coming in and we got away from those throughout the second half.  I feel like we were hitting our key points in all phases in the first half and then we lost sight of that when we came out in the second half.”

(On being more than a returner) - “Being in the open field as a receiver has lightened the load a little bit and I feel like I can last a little bit longer.”

(On the play of Brady Quinn) - “I work with both quarterbacks and I feel like Brady played well.  We came out all fired up and hitting on all cylinders in the first half and then it faded in the second half.”

TE Robert Royal

(On losing despite scoring a touchdown) - “It is frustrating because I had a couple of drops, which is something that you never want to have.  We were a much different team in the second half than in the first.  I think we’ll come back, look at the tapes and try to correct things.”

(On the difference between the first & second halves) - “When we take a look at the tape, everybody has to look back at themselves as an individual.  For myself, I wasn’t as focused in the second half as I was in the first.  But I have to give hats off to Minnesota because they did a great job today.”

(On team identity) - “We know who we are trying to be.  We did a lot of things that hurt ourselves.  We had penalties and dropped balls and we turned the ball over.  Once we eliminate those things, the offense will look a lot better.”

RB Jamal Lewis

(On the team’s play in the first half) - “We came out in the first half, ready to go and the tempo was good.  Once the turnover happened, we kind of let it get away from us.  We can’t do that.”

(On the Minnesota defense in the second half) – “Their defense wasn’t doing anything different (in the second half).  We just have to keep going out there and doing what we do and execute.  We have to go out there with the same tempo that we had in the first half.”

(On the goal line play) – I was in there to disguise and Josh (Cribbs) is a good runner.  We probably thought that we could get them on that and they would go with me.  I think it was a good play call.  It just wasn’t the right time.”

(On the Browns’ offensive identity) – “The things we did out there are the same things we do in practice.  These are things that we worked on all summer and they are nothing new.  I think those packages are put in for certain teams that we play.  We just have to execute.”

(On Brady Quinn) – “Brady did a good job.  He was poised in the pocket and in the huddle.  He controlled everything in the huddle and did what he is supposed to do.”


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