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Players quotes from the Browns' OTAs

By Nate Ulrich Published: June 5, 2010
Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy throws during a voluntary NFL football practice Thursday, June 3, 2010, in Berea, Ohio. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Several Browns players talked to reporters Thursday after a session of organized team activities in Berea. Here's a summary of what they had to say:

Linebacker Chris Gocong

(On getting a fresh start with a new team)- “I’ve always wanted to play in a 3-4 and playing with Rob (Ryan), it’s a cool thing.  I’ve only been in OTAs about three weeks and still, it’s like a breath of fresh air.  He’s so fresh and he keeps it so open to the players that it’s fun.”

(On what he hopes to achieve here)- “I have my own numbers in mind, but right now I am just learning the defense and being able to do whatever I can, wherever I can. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside.”

Rookie running back Montario Hardesty

(On if he thinks the starting running back job is up for grabs)- “That right there is not my decision.  For me, I have to just come out here and just work hard and just continue to show what I can do on the field and I think if I continue to do that then a role for myself on the team will come from doing that.”

(On if he has expectations of having a significant role as a rookie)- “No, like I said this is just OTAs, we’ve got minicamp, we’ve got training camp.  I’ve never done that before so I’m not really sure what to expect. I know I’m going to come out and push myself hard every day and we will see what comes from that come season time.”

Rookie quarterback Colt McCoy (pictured left)

(On how OTAs are going)-  “It’s going real well.  There’s a lot of stuff, a lot of install.  Just staying in my study book, studying with Jake (Delhomme) and Seneca (Wallace) and Ratty (Brett Ratliff) and those guys. Just really trying to understand what’s going on and the reps that I get, make them productive and keep moving on from practice to practice so it’s been going really well and I’m excited.”

(On if the lights seem to be coming on more and more)- “They do, they do.  We’re still installing some stuff, but I’m starting to get more comfortable with everything and just getting adjusted to the speed of the game, the way the game’s played, the new rules in the NFL compared to the college rules and just really soaking it all in.”

(On if the NFL is anything different that what he thought it would be)- “Not at all, it’s football.  Once you get the playbook down and you get comfortable with what you’re doing, the calls, the adjustments, then it’s playing football like you were when you were a little kid. I’m just working to get to that point.”

Defensive back Brandon McDonald

(On playing hard no matter his place in the lineup)- “I’m just a guy that wants to take advantage of my opportunities.  This game is not promised, you can be in one year and out the next.  I’m just trying to make the best of my opportunities right now.”

(On adding players in the secondary during the offseason)- “I don’t see it as negative.  Like I said, I see that as a positive for this team and this secondary.  It was obvious that we needed help.  I think they made some great additions by bringing in Sheldon (Brown) and Joe (Haden) and the rest of the guys that they brought in.  I think we had a good offseason program, a good draft and guys are really out here working right now trying to get better.”

(On finishing the season on a four-game winning streak last year)- “I just think that it made everybody feel like we are not giving up.  Regardless of what the record is or how bad the year has been, we are going to fight until the end, and that’s what we did.  It gave us a lot of momentum leaving out of that year and coming into this next year.”

Quarterback Seneca Wallace

(On what he has shown Coach Mangini so far)- “It’s all new to me.  This is a different type of offense than what I’m used to.  I’m still growing every day, trying to get better and understand this offense.  I get hard on myself because I always want things to be perfect and I know that coming into a new system, it’s going to take awhile.  I think I showed him that I can lead the team, I can make all of the throws and obviously I’ll continue playing when things break down and make some good plays.”

(On the biggest difference coming to a new team)- “It’s probably the terminology.  I’ve been used to a west coast offense type system for seven years.  You come to a (new) system and it’s like you have got to all of a sudden learn Spanish overnight.  It’s tough trying to work with that and obviously, it’s an east coast type, New England type of offense and that’s different.  You just have got to put some of those things and group them together.  Some things that I had on the west coast, I will try and carry it over here too.”

(On adjusting his style of play in a new offense)- “I think I have got to adjust to them.  I’m new here obviously and I’ve got to adjust to what they are doing.  Right now, I’ve got to understand what they want.  As we progress, then I can start turning my game into what I do and bring it to what they do.  It’s kind of tough, but you have got to understand the system first before you start trying to create things.”


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