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Cleveland Browns

Playing it low key

By Marla Ridenour Published: September 20, 2007

Jamal Lewis wasn't bragging Wednesday after rushing for 216 yards on 27 carries and a 66-yard touchdown in Sunday's 51-45 victory over Cincinnati. When the 28-year-old free agent running back from Baltimore was asked what his third 200-yard game meant to him, he said, ''We can go out there and put up points. I hadn't done that in a long time.''

As the Browns prepared to visit the Raiders, Lewis seemed more intent on keep his team on the right path than rehashing his big day.

''Hopefully we can put on a good offensive performance like we did before. That comes with hard work in practice, doing everything right, having the fundamentals down and having a chip on your shoulder like we did last week,'' he said.

Asked where that chip came from, he said, ''Because of the first game we knew that wasn't us, we knew we didn't play like us. We had to get everything together and pull together as a team and have each other's back.''

Lewis seems prepared to show the kind of leadership the Browns may have been lacking, at least on offense.

''Keeping things rolling. Guys knowing we can do this, we can win, we can put up points. Try to go out and do it week after week. That's our goal, so people will see this is not the same Cleveland Browns team of past years,'' he said. ''With the leaders we have, that's what these guys are trying to push.''

Lewis knows the Raiders will try to bring a safety up to stop him this week, but said, ''That's what I like, bring the pressure and hopefully we can hit 'em over the top.''

Lewis admitted a lot of friends called and congratulated him, but were not surprised at his performance.

''My friends know what I'm capable of. It's really nothing new,'' he said. ''But at the same time it's been a long time.''

And how did he feel on Tuesday after being the workhorse again?

''Pretty sore, but that's part of it,'' he said.


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