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Cleveland Browns

Post-game defensive quotes

By Marla Ridenour Published: November 22, 2009


(flag on Poteat) ''Just a tough call. I thought on that play everyone busted their tail. It was one of those jump ball situations where everyone has a right to the ball. The quarterback scrambled out of the pocket and the refs made the call. One more play left, we still have to stop 'em. They did a good job of executing in goal-line situation. They got the win, they deserved it.

(what Poteat did, what's that rule) "I'm no genius at this rule book, I just play. If that's how the ref saw it, we get a lot of tough breaks in this league, that's just one of them. You have to play through. That's just gives us another form of figuring out how we're going to finish games. It's one of those tough situations you're faced with.''

(the got the ball at their 12 with no timeouts) "Everything was great except the last play. We did a good job in that situation where you have no timeouts you want to defend the field. They just hit us in those holes, those dead spots in the coverage. We just tried to get the clock down. It comes down to that play, it's tough. We fought our tails off for the whole game and come up short. It's disappointing. But the encouraging part is everyone played well for the most part.''

(the Browns have lost games like this before) "We're not worried about the past. It's 2009, November whatever it is. You can't get caught up in history because it often repeats itself. You have to keep moving forward, learning something from every experience bad or good. That's what we'll do today.''

(How do you recover from this emotionally) "Fairly easy. In this game, wins and losses are shortlived. It always ends Monday morning when we go back to work, get the film corrected and move on.''

(Anything you could have done differently on last play) "In that situation everyone has their spot on the field they're responsible for. I don't know if I can say I could have. It's a bad situation when you have to leave it for the refs to determine the outcome. They made the call and we have to respect and live with it.''

(Hank felt he was within what he's taught and coached) "I thought that was the rule. Once the quarterback's out of the pocket, whatever. The ref made the call, live with it. We were still faced with a situation where we could have ended the game.''

(Will you be surprised if the league says that was a bad call) "It's not for me to observe, it's not my speculation at all. Of course I'm going to be against the call because I lost.''

(Did you expect play-action on game-tying TD) "Yeah. Each position on the field or wherever the ball is on the field, there's certain 'gotta have it' plays. One yard line, they could do pretty much anything. Do they run, do they pass and what kind of pass is it going to be? They just got us.''


(Stafford scramble) "It felt like a couple of hours.

"He scrambled out of the pocket and made more time for his receivers to try and make a play on the last throw and it was successful, although they didn't complete the ball, they got a flag. It's very unfortunate for us and very fortunate for them.

"There's not a feeling like it, not a game like that. I never felt anything like this, to lose at the last second like that.

(Stafford coming back hurt after your hit) "I really didn't really see him go off the field. I know I heard him kind of whimper at the end, but hopefully he's all right. I would never wish anything to happen to anybody like that.''


(final TD pass) "We were expecting it to come. If I knew the answer we'd be on the other end of this game. You get caught up in the moment, long angles, we lost by inches. It's a tough loss for the team because guys played their tails off today.''

(Realize Stafford out) "No, two great quarterbacks, you've still got to get ready because both of them are capable of amazing things. Obviously Stafford did a great job today and led his team.''

(Loss a dagger in the heart) "It's a tough loss, the offense played great, all the vets on defense played great. It's tough to see them have a loss like that.''


(final TD) "They made a nice play from the 1 and you've got to give them props. Good throw, good catch. It was unfortunate the end of the game had to finish that way.

(Poteat play) "I didn't really see what happened, but any time you start scrambling and everyone starts running around, it was a 12-second play or something like that, anything can happen. It was unfortunate the flag went our way.

(How deflating that penalty) "I don't think it takes the fight when the defense knows, 'This is it. No time on the clock. We're on the 1.' You know you've got to go out there and play. You can't get deflated for one play.

(Surprised stafford back) "No, he got up. Any quarterback in that situation would want to lead their team. Unless they couldn't get up, they were coming back in.

(First game dec after 0:00) "My first one. It's tough. You don't want to lose a game period, but to lose one like that makes it even tougher.''


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