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Press conference nugget on Brian Robiskie

By dan Published: June 3, 2009

In today's news there is a lot written about Alex Hall, Don Carey, the quarterbacks and David Bowens. Here's one slightly overlooked tidbit on rookie wide receiver Brian Robiskie from head coach Eric Mangini:

(On how Brian Robiskie is coming along) – “I’d say he is like the rest of the rookie group where there are some days something clicks and he runs that really well or does that really well, and there are some days where maybe he’s got it jumbled up with what he did at Ohio State and he doesn’t quiet look the same. Those guys are dealing with so much right now in terms of change of environment, change of coaches, change of terminology, going from the big man on campus to rookie. All of that stuff is new and getting used to the way that we structure practices and meetings. They are dealing with a lot of stuff. I think as a group they are doing some positive things.”


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