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Question of the day

By Nate Ulrich Published: August 12, 2010

John W. Sharp posed the following question in a previous post: "Does the success of the receivers depend on what kind of season Delhomme has?"


John ,

You know the answer is absolutely. But that goes for Jake Delhomme and any other quarterback playing at any level. Football is a great game because it's the ultimate team sport. Quarterbacks depend on wide receivers and vice versa. Same goes for running backs and offensive linemen, safeties and linebackers, kickers and snappers, etc. In general, every player needs his teammates at other positions to handle their assignments if he wants to be successful.

John, if you want an answer more specific to the Browns, check out the following response wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi gave Thursday, when I asked him your question about Delhomme:

"There's a lot of communication out there. Jake's a guy (who) wants to know what's going on just like (the receivers) want to know what's going on. So we communicate, and if there's any gray area, we talk it over and we smooth it out and we move on. It's open communication. Guys are eager to understand how the other guy's feeling and eager just to jell everything together 'cause it helps the group out as a whole." -- Browns wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi


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