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Cleveland Browns

Quinn post-game interview

By Marla Ridenour Published: November 17, 2009

Browns quarterback Brady Quinn post-game press conference:

(On the Browns' offensive struggles) ''We tried the no-huddle offense, we ran it effectively to some degree, but at the end we put ourselves in a hole and kind of became one-dimensional.''

(do you have enough talent to win) ''We feel like we do. It comes down to execution, finding ways as players to make something happen.''

(On the interception returned 48 yards for a TD by Dawan Landry on a pass intended for tight end Robert Royal) ''I thought it was the right read, I've got to give him a better ball.''

(Why is the offense this bad in game 9) ''We've had some moving parts, we've tried some things, as a team we're not executing as we need to. Why that is, I don't know. It's hard to answer or put a finger on at this point.''

(Sense of how injured receiver/returner Josh Cribbs is) ''Our thoughts and prayers go out to him. We hope he's all right. If everyone else can pray for him, we'd appreciate it.''

(You didn't throw long, was that a reflection of game plan) "Part of it was some of the game plan. They've got a good rush and from what we'd seen on film, we felt we'd have to catch them under to make some plays, that's what we felt would be most effective. We tried to do some movement, things of that nature, to create some different windows, create some passing lanes.''

(encouraged about anything?) ''I think the first half the way we ran the offense, the no-huddle was a little different for us and I think we did a good job executing as a team. Again, you make a couple mistakes in the second half, it's going to come back and get you. It hurts as an offense, but you take away some of those mistakes and we're still in that game.

(were those mistakes you made or adjustments they made) ''I think it's a little of both. You've got to give a team like that credit. They made some good adjustments, caught us with some looks out there. It falls on us as well, we can always adjust as players on the field, trying to do something to make a play. When it comes down to it, we're football players, it's our job if things don't look right to try to make something else happen.

(is this frustrating or this part of process of learning to start) "It's frustrating for everyone, myself included. The only thing I know is to keep working hard. Having the opportunity to start again, obviously somewhere, it's going to be a great learning experience for me. You'd rather do it at the expense of winning than losing.''

(do you execute plays in practice?) ''That's a good question. We had a great week of practice, we had two weeks to prepare, we had a ton of different looks, I thought we prepared for everything. I thought we executed well. It seems to be one thing here, one thing there, on each play that takes away from executing it or making it a bigger play.''

(Baltimore pass rush affect the play calling?) ''That's a team in our division, we should be prepared to play them, regardless of who's the quarterback or when you're coming back into it.''

(tough to throw without setting your feet?) ''It's tough at times when I have to throw on the run and move, but I feel like I'm athletic enough to make those plays. We've got to find ways to work the ball downfield, we've got to continue to keep working.''


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