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Cleveland Browns

Readers predict the Browns' 2010 record

By Nate Ulrich Published: September 10, 2010

Below are the predictions I received from readers about how the Browns will do in 2010. Thanks to those who participated. I also included my prediction at the end. Let the debate begin.

  • Look for the Browns to be a surprise team and go 9-7.
    -- Mark Slezak, Hermitage, Pa.

  • 7-9 ... Delhomme stabilizes the offense but the defense holds us back of a playoff push. Much improved from last year.
    -- CG, Baton Rouge, La.

  • My Fantasy Football name is the Old Dawg and I see a 10-6 record for my Browns this year.
    -- Michael Reitz Sr., Chehalis, Wa.

  • Browns go 7-9. Offense is better and Rob Ryan pulls rabbits out of a hat. Been a fan since the early 50s.
    -- Gene, Akron

  • I can see us going 9-7. It all depends upon our defense, I believe. I think our offense can generate some points. I think we'll start off 2-0, then reality sets in for a couple of weeks, then we get a surprise victory or two and regenerate ourselves. I believe the best we can hope for in the division is 3-3. It's a tough division.
    -- Jim, New Orleans

  • 6-10. Defense just hasn't shown that it can stop the other team. While the offense may be improved, it won't score enough to beat the better opponents.
    -- Marty Schwartz, Akron

  • 9-7. It is the unending optimism of the Browns fan that leads me there, but if I had to square it with reality, I would say that improved o-line play, better qb, more mature receiving corps, and a good box safety is good for four more this season.
    -- Joshua Gooden, Mentor

  • 8-8. Top five O-line.
    -- Justin, Mariemont

  • Browns win 6. ... Either Tampa or K.C., Carolina or Jax, Cincy, Pittsburgh and Buffalo.
    -- Wahoo Jake, Tecumseh, Mich.

  • 8-8. Delhomme comes back to his old self, and Hillis is a beast.
    -- AJ, Warsaw

  • Record: 8-8. I can't see this team doing two things: putting up another donut against our division, nor do I see the Browns going 0-7 during the seven-week hell stretch after week 2. We will catch some of those (expletive for opposing teams) snoozing on us. New England, perhaps?
    -- Cassandra, Sacramento

  • I think the Browns will go 7 and 9, and this will be a good improvement for the offense, both running and passing, especially passing, but the defense will not be much improved, especially in the pass rush.
    -- Jim Besett, Kent

  • Picked the Browns to go 10-6 as soon as Delhomme, Watson and Hillis were on the team!!!!
    -- Hank, Naples, Fla.

  • 8-8. Offense will be improved from the get-go. Defense will, too, but will take a while to get in sync. Would predict more wins, but schedule is tough this year.
    -- Randy, Youngstown

  • I am hopeful for at least an 8-8 but realistically it will probably be 6-10. But who knows, maybe a surprise is in store. Go Browns!!! Go whoever is playing the "Stillers."
    -- Roger Myers, Tallmadge

  • 5-11. Having lived here for thirteen years I have become somewhat of an expert on bad teams.
    Al, West Bloomfield, Mich.

  • 7-9. Our schedule is just brutal, and I think we will lose quite a few by 3 or less.
    -- Todd, Akron

  • Browns go 5-11. Schedule is too tough for more wins. I will be pleased if Browns are competitive.
    -- Mark Dutton, Columbus

  • The Brownies will finish a respectable 8-8 with unforeseen victories over the Ravens and Bengals to stamp their return to respectability.
    -- Alan Crockett, Catonsville, Md.

  • I think (optimistically) the Browns will go 7-9. I think they'll score a lot of points. I think they will give up a lot of points too.
    -- Kevin Dunphy, Minneapolis, Minn.

  • 9-7. I see a 3-way tie with Baltimore and Cincy, with the Browns winning the tie-breaker based on wins within the division. Pittsburgh will finish no better than 6-10. Optimistic? You better believe it!
    -- David Roberts, Tyler, Texas

  • I think the Browns will go 6-10. The will improve but eh schedule is not favorable.
    -- Rich Roberts, New York

  • 10 and 6 ... I'm the eternal optimist.
    -- Joe, Manteca, Calif.

  • 6-10. With a possibility of 7 or 8 wins if they start 2-0. Delhomme is stable.
    -- Ryan S., Uniontown

  • Browns go 9-7. MVP = Peyton Hillis.
    -- Dan, Leander

  • I would say 7-9 is a safe pick for this year but 8-8 is possible.
    -- Ken Price, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

  • 7-9. The Browns will show great improvement from last season, but their brutal schedule will prevent them from finishing with a record of .500 or better.
    -- Nate Ulrich, Akron Beacon Journal


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