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Saints QB Drew Brees on Browns' Johnny Manziel: 'There’s no doubt the guy can win football games'

By Nate Ulrich Published: May 21, 2014

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Everybody is talking about Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel, and New Orleans Saints eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback Drew Brees joined the masses Tuesday night during an appearance on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access.

Below are some quotes from Brees provided by the network.

On Manziel: “I was here when [Reggie Bush] got drafted in 2006. That’s kind of who I equate it to just in regards to the excitement level with this player throughout the draft process. All people wanted to talk about back in 2006 was Reggie Bush and then we ended up getting him. You kind of saw all that came with that; all of the attention, all of the hype and everything else. It’s kind of hard for a player in that situation because you’re coming off that success from college and all of a sudden you’re thrown into the NFL spotlight. He’s in a situation where obviously he’s going to have a strong chance to start; I’m not sure of the quarterback battle that’s going to take place there, but I know he’s got some weapons around him. There’s no doubt the guy can win football games and he can make plays and all those things. I’m as much looking forward to watching him play as anybody.”

On the thought process of Manziel possibly not starting right away, much like he did: “I definitely think there are benefits to being able to sit. You’re always preparing yourself as a starter during that time because you never know when you might be thrown in. But it does give you an opportunity to gain a lot of perspective, to really learn, to watch the game from the sideline. I just think there are a lot of benefits to it. We’ve certainly seen guys that get thrown into the fire and not quite ready, and it takes mentally tough person to kind of work through those struggles because you’re going to have struggles. Everybody does at some point and as a really young player, especially one with a lot of hype, at times that can set you back. But he seems like an ultra-confident person, one who is kind of ready for that type of spotlight, that type of attention. It’s kind of been that way for the last two years with him, so not anything that he’s not used to. The big thing is if you have your struggles like every young player does, how are you able to handle that?”


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