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Cleveland Browns

Second quarter vs. the Ravens ...

By Pat McManamon Published: September 30, 2007

Cleveland 24, Baltimore 6

1 -- Surprising success by the Browns on the ground. Baltimore started the game giving up 61.7 yards per game on the ground, and the Browns had runs of 28 yards (Jamal Lewis) and 15 (Jason Wright) on a field-goal drive.
2 -- With 9:17 left in the first half the Browns have 65 yards rushing.
3 -- Phil Dawson misses a field goal and Baltimore is offside on the kick. Amazing. Might this be the Browns day?
4 -- Did not look like Jamal Lewis scored a touchdown, but the Ravens for some reason waited to challenge. Brian Billick waited too long to throw the flag. The Ravens just do not seem into this game. The Browns score 24 points in the first half -- more than most figured they'd score the entire game.


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