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Silly Internet rumor: Brandon Marshall to the Browns?

By dan Published: June 17, 2009

File this one under eye-rolling stupidity (unless, of course, it comes to fruition). This is merely a rumor that is completely unsubstantiated. Why am I sharing it? Mostly to get some thought on if this would be a good move for the Browns. So, here we go:
Mike Florio, the newest edition to NBC Sports and head word slinger at Pro Football Talk, writes about rumblings of troubled Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall being traded to the Browns. Florio, take it away:

Last night, we heard that the Ravens might be interested. Tonight, we’re hearing rumblings of Brandon possibly being traded to the Browns.

Apparently Florio is on a first-name basis with Marshall. Anyway, this mystery deal would involve the Browns giving up Josh Cribbs and at least one draft pick for Marshall.
That's right, the Broncos would take Cribbs's five catches over the last two seasons instead of Marshall and his 206 over the same time. Granted, Marshall has asked to be traded and has a few off-field problems (find the whole list at Waiting For Next Year).
So, would it be wise to trade a possibly unhappy Cribbs and at least one draft pick for Marshall, a great talent with copious off-field problems?
Really, you have to love these rumors, though. Here's a rumor just as worthwhile: My mouth might be interested in acquiring a turkey sandwich at lunch time.


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