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Sticking with the sixth-rounder?

By Marla Ridenour Published: November 1, 2007

Seattle coach Mike Holmgren used to like to pick quarterbacks in the sixth round while he was in Green Bay, with Matt Hasselbeck and Mark Brunell being examples. But even Holmgren isn't sure what he would do if he were in Cleveland coach Romeo Crennel's shoes and was watching sixth-rounder Derek Anderson succeed while first-round draft pick Brady Quinn sat on the bench.

''If you commit to them and you think you have gotten the right guy, they can absolutely come in and play,'' Holmgren said of sixth-rounders. ''But it's been my experience that when a team goes and drafts a quarterback number one, when we traded our pick in Green Bay to get Brett Favre in his second year when he was with Atlanta, what you’re saying is this guy is going to be your quarterback. You don’t draft a guy number one and pay him all that money. Everyone knows that.

''So how long is it before Quinn plays, Cleveland knows better than anybody. They did not draft him to sit on the bench, I know that. In the meantime, this young guy is doing a great job. As far as the timing of the thing goes, only a few people there know what’s going on.''

Crennel seems to be in no rush to play Quinn and Cleveland hasn't had a blowout where it's had the luxury of putting him in. Chances are with the 32nd-ranked defense in the league, Quinn may follow in the footsteps of Cincinnati's Carson Palmer and sit all season.


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