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Cleveland Browns

Suggs' agent, clients ticked at Quinn

By Marla Ridenour Published: November 17, 2009

Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs underwent an MRI Tuesday for what was announced as a sprained knee, taken out by a low blow from Browns' quarterback Brady Quinn during Baltimore's 16-0 Monday night victory at Cleveland.

Drawing a personal foul penalty, Quinn hit Suggs as Quinn was trying to tackle cornerback Chris Carr, who recorded the second of two third-quarter interceptions thrown by Quinn.

''What happened last night was a gross injustice,'' Suggs' agent Gary Wichard said. ''Brady was trying to make a tackle and Terrell didn't even have the football. Brady's a pretty strong guy, take him on high like you're supposed to. If you want to make the tackle, make the tackle. Don't take his knees out and potentially end a career or season.''

Wichard said he hopes Quinn is slapped with the same fine that has been levied against other clients who get paid to sack quarterbacks, like Jason Taylor, Dwight Freeney and Elvis Dumervil.

''My guys are getting fines, warnings to protect the quarterback and they're getting blocked into the quarterback, knocked by 320-pound guys into the quarterback,'' Wichard said. ''When the role is reversed, things should be done from an equal standpoint.

''If I'm a quarterback, I'd be smart enough not to wake a sleeping giant. You've still got to drop back and face these guys and they're real (ticked).''

Quinn tried to apologize to Suggs on the field and again after the game. Quinn said he knew Suggs from time training together in Arizona.

''I was trying to go for the ballcarrier, trying to make the tackle on Carr,'' Quinn said. ''(Suggs) came across the last second in my vision. I was upset about it on the field. I'll be praying for him. I couldn't have been more sorry about that, that was never the intent. I'm sorry to Terrell and the rest of their team.''

Speaking in a conference call Tuesday, Browns coach Eric Mangini compared Quinn's hit to the one Browns receiver/returner Joshua Cribbs suffered Monday on the game's final hook-and-lateral play.

''It looked like Terrell was coming to block him and Brady was trying to make the tackle and he tried to cut through,'' Mangini said. ''I don't think Brady had any intention of hurting someone. It's not anything we teach or we believe in or anything I've ever known Brady to believe in. I take Brady at his word.''

Wichard said his cell phone was ''ringing off the hook'' when his clients saw Suggs limping off the field. Wichard guessed Quinn was ''(ticked) off'' because he'd thrown another interception.

''It's a tight fraternity,'' Wichard said. ''That's why Ray Lewis did what he did. If you want to do what the big boys are doing, do it clean. If you don't want to do it, get out of the way. Don't dive at somebody's knee, that's not heroic at all.

''I'm sure Brady hated to see (New England quarterback) Tom Brady taken off the field a year ago. Brady launched into (Suggs) based on what he wanted to do.''


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