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Cleveland Browns

There go the draft picks

By Marla Ridenour Published: March 1, 2008

Trading for defensive tackles Corey Williams of Green Bay and Shaun Rogers of Detroit left the Browns without a pick in the first three rounds of the April 26-27 draft.

Cleveland surrendered its No. 1 to Dallas last year on draft day to select quarterback Brady Quinn. Then Friday it gave up a second-rounder for Williams and a third-rounder for Rogers.

But general manager Phil Savage and coach Romeo Crennel didn't seem concerned.

''Brady Quinn is the first-round draft choice, Corey Williams is the second-round draft choice and Shaun Rogers is the third-round draft choice. We've jumped out in front and had our draft early,'' Crennel said. ''As a result of having an early draft we were able to get experienced players who have been productive in the NFL.''

Savage said, ''Brady Quinn, Corey Williams and Shaun Rogers, I would take that draft every year. I've always been very proud of our success in the draft, particularly the first two rounds. But the third round, at least in my experiences and the drafts I've been part of, have been spotty at best. I'm not proud of that track record.

''Heck, I would never have gotten this job based on third-rounders. You can go look it up in the record book, it's like, 'Why did they pick some of those guys?' But in the fourth round, sixth round, free agents, we've done great in those areas. That's why I still hold out hope we can do some positive things in the draft.''

In Cleveland in the third round, Savage selected quarterback Charlie Frye of Akron, the starter who was traded to Seattle last September, and receiver Travis Wilson, who has two career catches, all as a rookie in 2006. Among the forgettable names taken in that round in Baltimore when Savage worked under Ozzie Newsome from 1996-2004 were Tennessee running back Jay Graham, Louisville quarterback Chris Redman, Wisconsin offensive lineman Casey Rabach, Georgia running back Musa Smith and Washington State receiver Devard Darling.

Savage felt better that the 2009 draft had not been touched.

''We were kind of able to take our medicine now and our whole draft is in tact next year,'' Savage said. ''Would we have given up a pick next year to get some of these things done? We talked about it.''

Asked what everyone was going to do on draft day, Crennel joked and said, ''Probably eat too much.''


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