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Cleveland Browns

Third quarter vs. the Ravens ...

By Pat McManamon Published: September 30, 2007

Cleveland 27, Baltimore 6

1 -- Steve McNair looks old. Matt Stover misses two field goals. It would take a miracle for the Browns to lose this game.
2 -- Braylon Edwards continues to play extremely well. The guy has lived up to his draft position, and to the vows he made in the offseason.
3 -- Same for Kellen Winslow, who is playing through a tough shoulder situation. Yet he keeps coming up with big play after big play. This is the kind of game that changes the expectations for this Browns team.
4 -- Something must be going right with the play-calling -- and the offensive line. Baltimore punished Charlie Frye a year ago. They pressure every passer. But they are not getting near Derek Anderson. Anderson is getting rid of the ball, but the passes being called are quick routes. Combine that with good protection and you have a 27-6 lead.


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