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Thoughts from Holmgren, Heckert and Mangini

By Michael Beaven Published: April 24, 2010

Here are comments from Mike Holmgren, Tom Heckert and Eric Mangini, who addressed the local media following the conclusion of the 2010 NFL Draft:

Browns President Mike Holmgren:

"We finished a very productive draft and now we have to roll up our sleeves and finish off the roster with free agents."

"Tom [Heckert] did a great job of setting the board up. Eric [Mangini] and the coaches were very, very thorough."

"It was a very healthy, good start for us."

on Colt McCoy: "Things could change, but I don't expect him to play this year. We have three quarterbacks [Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace, Brett Ratliff] already here that we feel very good about. I think, as we mentioned [Friday night] the best thing for him is that he sits, watches, learns and makes the transition to the NFL game. That is my expectation for him."

"There is a learning curve at every position, particularly at quarterback."

"You run the risk of scarring the kid [when you play him when he is not ready]."

"There is a learning curve for me as well [as President and not coach]. This is a little bit of a new deal."

"What I realized about myself is to try and not look at guys as a coach."

"At times, I overstepped my bounds and then had to pull myself back. If I hurt anyone's feelings, I am sorry."

"I think we have all been at this long enough and understand the process. You can't draft everybody you want in one year and you can't plug all the holes in one year."

"The communication between the three of us is vitally important. The ability to listen to the other guys is vitally important. You don't have to be the guy speaking all the time."

"I will have a little chat with [Colt] when he gets here ... my door is always open. He is going to have his hands full. The people he has to talk to are his coaches and he knows that."

on drafting Colt McCoy: "I acknowledge the fact that it created a buzz ... Eric leaned over to me and said this is going to get people going ... honestlty that is not why I did it."

"I am glad there is a buzz. I think it is healhty and it is a good thing. It gets people going ... we have three other quarterbacks. Colt is one of four ... he was a much publicized kid in college and he is a good football player."

"I am very excited about this years draft. I think we took a step forward. These guys have come to in and play."

"The proof is in the pudding. We will not know for two or three years. Then we can look back and say that was a really good draft."

"We have veterans here that have a lot of pride and will not give up their spots."

"We will continue to refine the football team until we go to training camp."

Browns General Manager Tom Heckert:

on Carlton Mitchell: "Carlton is obviously a guy that has great size and great speed. We are happy to have him. He is a little on the raw side."

on Larry Asante: "Asante played big-time football and started a lot of games there."

on Clifton Geathers: "Geathers is a monster. He is almsot 6-foot-8 and 295 pounds. He is a really good athlete for his size ... his potential is untapped."

on signing undrafted free agents: "It is like another draft. We have a chance to get good players, even in free angency."

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini:

on Carlton Mitchell: "As Tom said, he has a really good speed and really good size."

"I am excited about all of these guys. I think we did a lot of things ... we brought in a lot of really good kids. Now it is up to us and them to find out the best way for them to contribute."

"I am always excited about any good player we bring in on offense, defense and special teams."

"Toughness is a great thing to have. I can tell you with [Larry] Asante, he is a guy that will knock the wind out of you and knock your helmet off."

"To add players that put some doubt in the back of a receivers mind is a good thing."

"I am competely comfortable with a quarterback coming in and spending time developing his craft. I think with any quarterback ... it is an extremely hard position to play. I think the transition is greater."


-- Holmgren acknoledged that the Browns made an offer to the St. Louis Rams for the first pick in the NFL Draft, which the Rams used on Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford.


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