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Training Camp Aug. 3 - What that Line is Doing & More QB Stuff

By admin Published: August 3, 2008

It's time that Cleveland's football fans deal with reality.

 Heck, I'll confess that it's time I deal with reality because I'm still lukewarm on Derek Anderson.  Listening to the fans at training camp chant:  ''Brady! Brady!'' makes me wonder what they're thinking.  Folks, Derek Anderson is your quarterback.  PERIOD.  STOP. IT. NOW.

There's no getting around it.  And Anderson showed why he is on the field during Sunday's lone practice.  While the guy's definitely got the arm and the confidence in that arm to be a gunslinger, he showed some patience Sunday and in Friday's practice at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  In the matter of a couple of seconds, Anderson went through his progressions on more than a few plays.  Look left.  Look down the center of the field. Look right.  BOOM!  Ball.

At times, Quinn looks to stil be struggling with that and his accuracy.  He continues to overthrow wide open receivers.  In short:  unless Anderson turns into the second coming of Paul McDonald, Quinn will be holding a clipboard this year.

Thanks to WKNR's Mark ''Munch'' Bishop for pointing something out this afternoon.  During the scrum that is the war in the trenches, sometimes you can miss a trend.  One noticeable one with the Browns' O-line:  they're not just working their stronger left side that features Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach.   They're running to that right side as well and the holes have been there for Jamal Lewis to run through - as he did on several occasions today.

Tight end Darnell Dinkins is one of those who has been catching practically everything thrown his way.  This presents the Browns with an interesing dilemma. They have four players at the position who could conceivably make the team - Kellen Winslow, Dinkins, Steve Heiden and draft pick Martin Rucker.  They say competition makes you better, this one is going to get intense before pre-season is over.

 More and more it looks like the Browns have the potential to put two dominating cornerbacks on the field in Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald.  Wright made a couple of tremendous plays on balls thrown by Derek Anderson.


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