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Cleveland Browns

Training Camp Observations - July 30 Morning Practice

By admin Published: July 30, 2008

Weather that caused an immediate sweat remained in Berea for the Cleveland Browns morning practice - only this time it brought a calvacade of clouds - the dark ones too.  While some of the fans were disappointed that they got drenched for a brief spell, Browns Coach Romeio Crennel couldn't help but show his happiness over the soaking.  ''We learned how to play with our feet under us.  It was good,'' he said. 

 Indeed that proved to be the case as the weather didn't seem to faze the players - with the exception of a minor slip here and there.  Some of the rest of us are still drying out, however.

 Crennel brought in game officials for the morning practice for the first time during camp.

''We had the officials here to put emphasis on what happens in games,'' he said.  ''The officials are looking at things evne though they're not dropping flags.  If they see a guy do something they talk to them and say 'Look, that's going to be a penalty, we we were able to re-inforce the proper way to play the game.''

Brady Quinn continues to draw a lot of attention, especially from fans. He looked good throwing a few balls on out patterns, but what is very obvious when you look at him and Derek Anderson is how differently they approach the game.  On many of the passing plays Anderson looked down field first before checking down to a receiver.  Quinn seemed to look shorter first.  Crennel said that has worked to change that through the first week of camp.

One thing that you can see in the Browns defense, first and foremost is that they're active, secondly when given the chance, they like hitting.  In the case of Jereme Perry, he apparently loves it.  He laid wideout Efrem Hill out on a play that elicited ''oohs'' and ''ahhs'' from the fans that saw it.

 Once again, running back, Travis Thomas looked good.  In the two days I've been here he's yet to drop a ball and he looks to hit holes with some pop.

The Browns must address two perceived weaknesses on offense - lack of depth at the running back and wide receiver positions. If Travis Wilson can continue to have a consistent camp, he may fill the latter role.

How pumped are Browns fans?  Pumped enough to cheer when kicker Phil Dawson, taking practice kicks, made several in a row, the longest being 48 yards.


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