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Traning Camp Update - Aug. 13 - More of Mighty Quinn

By admin Published: August 13, 2008

It's difficult to keep your eyes on a video camera screen and concentrate on play on the field when you're out at Cleveland Browns training camp, but one thing clear from Wednesday's practice is that Brady Quinn had another lackluster day.

The downside:  two passes blocked at the line and a fumbled snap.

The upside:  Well, hey he played fairly well against the New York Jets last Thursday night.  Maybe Quinn's just one of those guys that has an average practice, but shows up when it matters most - game time.  If that's true he'll be the type of guy who drives his coaches nuts.  Still, it would help if Quinn showed some consistency.  I know.  I know.  If and when he gets his shot, as long as he puts up "Ws" what does it matter.

With Steve Sanders getting some work with the first unit the other day, givng the young receiver a shot at proving himself, Travis Wilson received his turn and delivered as he has all season.  Perhaps giving Sanders a shot with the first unit offered a way to push Wilson more, especially given the fact he's not fully lived up to his potential since arriving from Oklahoma.  We shall see.

Kellen Winslow looks to be in mid-season form already. The Browns tight end looks perfectly content to bowl over opposing defensive backs - even if they're his own.  Take the case of Travis Key, the newly signed safety who crashed into Winslow (literally) on one play.  On the next, the Browns tight end proceeded to slap him away from him like a fly.

Of note:  Rookie tight end Martin Rucker will undergo arthroscopic knee surgery Thursday morning.  That's too bad because Rucker had just begun to find his groove. He had a decent showing against the Jets and had stepped it up in training camp...Fans planning to attend training camp before it closes Saturday should be aware that all remaining practices are from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.


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