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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: July 31, 2011
Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur talks to his players at the NFL football team's training camp in Berea, Ohio Saturday, July 30, 2011. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters this morning following the second practice of training camp. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement)- “I think the practice was good.  It was the second installation, the second practice.  The guys pushed through it.  As I said yesterday, they’re trying to practice at a high tempo and practice fast.  I felt there were a few mistakes, but everything’s correctable.  As we go through this, the players will lift, do their autographs and we have a thing called stability school that we work on.  Then they’ll get lunch.  We’re going to have a meeting and go over everything we did in practice and then come out this afternoon and do a walk through. As far as through the process, I feel good about day two although there’s a lot left to do today.”

(On Joshua Cribbs not finishing practice)- “He practiced all the way through one-on-ones.  Then his knee got a little stiff so we just held him out.  We don’t think there’s anything there.”

(On Carlton Mitchell)- “Carlton had a little episode with his shoulder.  I won’t know anymore or how severe it is, but we’ll see here.  We’ll probably have more information here after practice.”

(On Benjamin Watson not practicing)- “He’s going to be out here for a little bit.  He felt good and he was out here watching practice.  We feel like that will clear up soon.”

(On if Watson suffered a concussion)- “That’s my understanding, yes.”

(On Jayme Mitchell showing up to camp)- “The trade stuff and the signee’s were going to hold, but we feel like he’ll be here soon.  There’s more paperwork to this than you think.  Typically it happens in the offseason when you don’t have to report quickly.  There are some hoops they have to jump through.  Whether it be a trade or a signing, that’s just part of what you’re dealing with when you’re practicing a full team, getting guys signed and bringing new guy in.”

(On if there is an update for Phil Taylor)- “I haven’t heard, I’ll get some more information when I go on in.”

(On what stability school is)- “We rotate the position groups through it, they go in and it’s the core training.  You’ve seen it with the balls and it’s a way for our guys to keep their core strong.  They seem to like it.  We first started doing it in Philadelphia and then we did it in St. Louis.  It’s a piece where they can keep their core strength up.  We rotate our players through that station much like we would with weight lifting.”

(On what he has learned about Colt McCoy from practice yesterday after watching film)- “He’s pretty good about knowing what’s coming.  Typically, a quarterback will evaluate himself after every play.  When you go into that meeting, then you’re kind of confirming and denying what we both think about the situation.  I will say this about Colt, he is very good about admitting when he makes a mistake and that allows you to move forward and find a correction.  Get it corrected and move on.  I like that about him.  He likes the interaction.  He’s very critical about his performance and that allows you to correct the mistakes and move on.”

(On if the quarterbacks he worked with in the past were like that)- “We all have different things were good at.  I think if you’re going to be really good at this thing as a quarterback you have to be willing to say, ‘I screwed that up,’ and then move on.  Then the next key component is to make sure they don’t repeat those mistakes.  That’s why you come back out and get the same type of plays and execute them properly.”

(On Jordan Cameron’s potential)- “After day two, I thought he’s competed well.  It appears he’s in pretty good shape.  He caught a couple balls today in the team period.  He’s a guy who has natural ability as a receiver.  He’s big, he’s lean and he’s very athletic.  Training camp is a way to develop the other skills that are necessary to be a tight end.  We’re trying to develop him as a three down player.  Until he gets to that point, we’ll see how much he can handle.”

(On the first day of full pads tomorrow)- “There’s always that excitement and anticipation for that first day of pads.  It’s not much different when you have helmets and shells on.  A lot of the same drills we do without pads then we do with pads.  We don’t tackle to the ground, we try to keep everyone off the ground.  There’s a little bit more banging, a little bit more clicking.  The practice to the normal fan might look very similar.  What you’re looking for are guys that can drop their weight, protect themselves, guys that can block and finish.  Defenders that have a way to separate from blockers.  Generally, just watch them carry their pads.  You can find a guy that’s really fast without the pads and then he slows down a lot.  Then there are other guys that play just as fast with their equipment on as they do when they’re timed in their shorts.  Those are all the type of things you’re looking for. ”

(On what attracted them to Greg Little)- “What you notice about him, there were a couple situations today, he’s pretty good when they’re body-to-body.  He finds a way to separate in a short area.  We’ll try to keep working on that.  We’ll see tomorrow when he puts the shoulder pads on, how it will affect his speed.  We don’t think it will diminish much.”

(On getting to know Little on a personal level)- “He’s a fun guy to work with, very talented.  You’ll find with guys that are playmakers that they have a lot of confidence in their ability.  When you’re talking about details of things, he’s a guy that seems to be taking in the coaching.  One of the first things we talk about is being coachable.  Being able to stand there and listen.  Be able to take something that’s going to be able to help you.  He’s got skill, he’s got ability.  He’s probably working through the first couple day of pads like most players. What I’ve seen from him is that he’s very coachable so far and I think that will bode well for him.”

(On Little getting more reps due to injuries)- “When the line get shorter and more guys get reps it helps them.  It really does. If they can handle it and they’re in shape to handle it, the more you do something the better you get.  The lines have gotten a little shorter because of that and he’s gotten more and I think it’s going to help him.”

(On if the 4-3 is suited for D’Qwell Jackson)- “We feel like it is.  D’Qwell is very instinctive.  He’s a guy that’s in the middle of all those big bodies and he knows how to sort it all out.  He has made some plays on balls already in the first two practices.  I was down on 9-on-7 and his run fits looked good.  I think he’s a fine player and I think being the middle linebacker is probably going to be a good fit for him.”

(On if Jackson is going to be the middle linebacker)- “Yes, he’s the middle linebacker right now.”

(On not playing loud music this year)- “That’s the second time we’ve talked about that (joking).  I don’t know what to compare that to.  We just don’t do that.”

(On Jackson’s size)- “Fairly typical of what we would consider to be three down linebackers in this league.  He’s got the size.  He can take on a block but he’ll shed one.  He can run with matchups when it comes to pass coverage.  He’s fairly typical of 4-3 linebackers.”

(On Phil Taylor missing time)- “When we were in Philadelphia, this happened.  When we were in St. Louis, we had guys that didn’t get there right away.  What you do is find a way to catch them up when they get here.  The key and what we need to focus on is working with the guys that are here.  When Phil gets here we’ll fight our fanny off to get him caught up.  That’s the approach you have to take.  When a player is not on the field for any reason, as coaches, you have to treat it like he had an ankle injury and the next guy’s up.  That’s how we’re doing it.”

(On if it’s different because of no rookie camps this year)- “We’ll see. It’s hard to know right now.  Once you get into the daily routine of training camp, regardless of how you’re practicing, this thing just rolls.  You work with the players that are out there.  The one’s that are nicked up, you try and get them back so they can get their work.  From there you move on.”

(On the fan turnout)- “This was great, I meant to mention that earlier, but we have got such a tremendous fan base.  For them to be able to enjoy football again is fantastic.  It’s fun to hear when the fans are close like this and can hear some of the, ‘Oohs and aahs,’ when they see their favorite player run by.  For our fans to be close to our players again is a great thing for Cleveland.”

(On Travis Ivey not practicing)- “Were just making sure he’s right when it comes to practice time.  We’re getting him ready to go.  Nothing serious.”

(On if the quarterback and wide receivers timing was off today)- “I think a little bit.  We missed some easy ones.  We preach that if you have an easy one, you can’t give it up.  That’s part of what were going to be talking about and cleaning up.  There were a couple times where the guys did a good job of separating and we have to make sure we complete those.  You read my mind, that was at the top of my list.”

(On Seneca Wallace’s experience with the West Coast offense)- “It’s very similar to the one he ran in Seattle.  He’s got a real solid foundation of knowledge.  Aside from a couple of little tweaks here and there he’s ready to go as far as knowing what to do.”


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