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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: August 5, 2011

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters Thursday evening following the fifth practice of training camp. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement)- “A lot happened today as we know.  The plan to practice the guys in the afternoon I think kind of worked out.  We kind of got our business done prior to 4:00, but then you have to get the official go ahead.  What we did was we brought the free agents out and they were eager, so we took their helmets away.  That kept them from jumping in there without us seeing it.  We had a little deal where we called the field then they said it was done and then Kent Johnston quickly worked the guys out and got them into drills. They really got most of the team work so that was good.  The plan to hold off and get it done I think helped us.  We really got most of the team out here today.  It was a good work.  We had Jordan Norwood, got a hip flexor.  Jason Pinkston got a little shoulder, but basically I thought it was a great day.  We got a chance to practice red zone.  As you know it’s very, very important.  One of the coaches said the tape we get to show now is like gold.  Now we can talk to our players about how to play the coverage and how to run the routes.  That’s always a fun day because you’re either scoring or defending to score and thought there was really good competition.  Other than that it was just a beautiful afternoon.  The fans were out.  It was fun. Now we will get back on schedule.  There will be a quick turnaround.  We will have dinner and then get back on our normal schedule and get ready for practice tomorrow morning.”

(On his impressions of Phil Taylor)- “I saw him out there, but quite frankly I am going to have to watch the tape to see how he did.  My eyes kind of go to the back end practice wise.  We will get it done here soon.”

(On Ahtyba Rubin losing weight)- “I think before the lockout took place, we had an opportunity to visit with those guys and part of what he has to do is try to pass rush in there from either working the center or the guard.  That’s kind of naturally what you might do.  The one thing about him is he naturally big.  Playing a few pounds lighter may help him in terms of quickness, but he is a very big man.”

(On Rubin could play on the sub pass rush)- “I think so.  It’s yet to be determined, but he is obviously one of our best defensive tackles.  If we can keep him out there it would be a good thing.”

(On if they have light packages)- “We have a couple of packages.  We have a nickel package where you go light and you can play nickel package with the big guys in there as well.  He’s going to have a role when they have more than two wide outs on the field for sure.”

(On Dimitri Patterson)- “I’m glad he’s here.  He’s a very competitive guy.  Again, I’ll to have to go back and watch the tape to see exactly how he performed today.  We feel like he’s a guy who can come in and compete and play either inside or outside.  We feel good about him and Buster (Skrine) and obviously Sheldon (Brown) and Joe (Haden).  Good starting point.”

(On Greg Little getting a lot of work)- “The focus today was, because he’s a big body guy, to see what he could do with some of our primary red zone routes.  He had a lot of opportunities and he showed up.  He made a few nice plays.  He had a couple other opportunities where he didn’t get it done.  Again, he’ll learn from that.  It’s early in the process.  He’s getting a feel for his body.  He ran a lot of routes today.  He hung in there and I think this was a really good day for him.  We feel like he’s got a chance to be a player so we’re going to put him in a position to make plays.”

(On Montario Hardesty not participating)- “It’s the same plan for him.  We’ll just get him out there when he’s ready to go.”

(On if Richmond McGee has a chance to keep the job for the season)- “Absolutely he does.  He’ll have a chance now to go out and perform in the preseason games and we’ll make an evaluation of his performance.  Then if there is somebody available that we’re interested in then we’ll have to make a comparison.  He has a chance to make this team, better chance than most because he’s here.”

(On Joe Haden’s performance in the first week)- “He’s a fun guy to be around because he loves to play and can run all day.  He’s good in coverage and he challenges.  He’s a fun guy to coach for all those reasons.  It’s very rare, you look at a guy and it’s hot and they’re tired, and he’s out here smiling, joking and playing fast.  I can appreciate that from him.”

(On Jordan Cameron sitting out today)- “He was not in there today, we held him out.  He’s got a hamstring I think.”


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