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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Gthomas Published: August 6, 2011

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters today after the team's Family Day at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(On what it was like to practice in the stadium)- “It was exciting.  I think the ritual of playing in a stadium is something that excites all players and coaches.  Even though it was a practice against one another, you could see the excitement in the player’s faces as they were getting dressed.  Then running out of the tunnel as your group was announced, it’s one of those things we all look forward to as players and coaches.”

(On the two-minute drill at the end of practice and if they need to work on it more)- “Two-minute is probably the thing that comes along the slowest.  We got into a couple situations where we didn’t complete some passes, but we’ll keep working on it.  There were a lot of good things in the drill.  The defense did a nice job in the two-minute situation.  Hopefully, were not in a bunch of those, but if we are we’ll keep working on it and get better.”

(On if Colt McCoy asked for a second chance)- “No, I wanted too because the ones had so few plays.  That’s all.  In this type of a scrimmage, I’m trying to keep track of the ones and the twos and get them a certain amount of work.  That’s the reason why.”

(On Shawn Lauvao and Tony Pashos working together)- “I think they did a nice job today.  You always reserve judgment until you watch the tape.  They’ve done a good job working together so far in camp.  Offensive linemen have to play together.  Every day that they can play together it’s going to be important for them.”

(On assessing McCoy’s progress)- “He’s made huge strides in one week.  As a quarterback, there’s always a lot going on.  For him to be able to come out here and execute in a lot of situations has been real well.  We’ve got a lot of work to do though, Colt knows that.  I think at the end of the first week you could say he’s made a lot of progress.”

(On McCoy picking up the playing book and executing the plays)- “Those go hand-in-hand.  You learn the plays, run plays and learn how to execute them.  If there’s a mistake then go back, correct it and come out and do it again. There were some great throws that were made in the red zone period and then in other area’s we moved the ball pretty well.  There were some good things there. Defense came back and challenged extremely well during the two-minute situation.  That’s good too.  Keep in mind this is the Browns.  We play offense, defense and special teams.”

(On if James Dockery’s interception)- “He’s made a few plays already.  Anytime you can make a play like that in a stadium in competitive situation it’s good.”

(On Evan Moore)- “He’s a big target.  He runs extremely well.  We’re hopeful he can be a tough match up for the linebacker and the safety.  He catches the ball when you throw it to him.  Those are good attributes for a receiver.”

(On if Moore will be used at receiver and tight end)- “He’ll play tight end, but tight ends are interchangeable guys.  They can be next to the tackle, the slot or even outside of the receiver.  System-wise we can get him there.”

(On Greg Little making a big play in the end zone)- “He’s a big receiver.  He does a good job using his body.  For him to go up and get the ball at its highest point like he did is good.  The last couple days he’s made some plays.  He’s kind of running himself into what I would consider playing shape.  He’s another guy who’s made huge progress in one week.  That’s where were at is one week and we expect him to go even farther.”

(On Carlton Mitchell leaving the field)- “I think he was just dealing with the heat a little bit. I talked to Joe (Sheehan) and I don’t think there is any major injuries this week.”

(On preparing for a game next Saturday)- “I need one more week.  In our week of practices, we’ll hit on all these situations again.  Then we’ll go through the game procedure and how it fits with all the special teams and all that.  Then we’ll go out against Green Bay and execute.”

(On Montario Hardesty returning to the field)- “We’re hoping to get him out there next week at some point.”

(On Marcus Benard)- “Not as far as what Joe (Sheehan) told me, but I’ll keep you updated.”

(On if he was surprised by Phil Dawson’s field goal range)- “Pretty good kick, huh?  Looked good to me.”


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