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Transcript from news conference with Browns coach Pat Shurmur

By Nate Ulrich Published: August 10, 2011

Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters this morning after the 10th practice of training camp. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening statement)- “Good morning. Let me start with the injuries.  Jabari Fletcher again didn’t practice, he has a knee sprain.  Chris Gocong with a stinger, didn’t practice as well, but we didn’t see anything significant about his injury.  He’ll be back in there soon.  (Montario) Hardesty continued to work on the side and looked good running.  (Mohamed) Massaquoi as you noticed is out of a cast and in a boot now.  That is what we kind of thought would happen by this time.  Jayme Mitchell didn’t practice, a little knee soreness, but again nothing really to report there.  Dominic Alford today hurt his back and why you might have noticed him leave the field.  Otherwise, all the guys were out there and again it was good competition.  Once again, they benefitted from the lack of hot weather.  It was a beautiful day out here, but you’d like it to be just a little hotter for a training camp setting.  The guys ran around well.  This is the third padded practice in a row.  Third three hour of sorts padded practice in a row and I think they pushed through it pretty well.  We did more situational work and I thought there was great competition.  I think we’re getting better as a team.  You can see the guys communicating better while they’re playing.  You’re starting to see some guys that we’re counting on to make plays, flash and make plays.  Generally speaking, there’s less mistakes.  That tells me that they’re starting to absorb some of the stuff that we’re teaching.  I do think there is plenty to work on and even though we’re approaching the Green Bay game, I like to think we’re still in training camp mode.  Meaning that we’re doing a lot of work Browns vs. Browns.  At least up until today to get ourselves better and ready to play.”

(On when they will begin to focus on Green Bay)- “We’re going that way.  We’re going to be full bore on Green Bay tomorrow.  Even though we’ll be doing Browns vs. Browns.  Through the meetings through the rest of the day we will start to focus on Green Bay and how the stuff we’re doing relates to who we’re playing.”

(On how long the starters will play on Saturday)- “We haven’t told the players yet how long they’re going to play.  We’re going to do that this evening or tomorrow morning.  I’ll be willing to talk about it tomorrow.”

(On if Buster Skrine is catching his eye)- “He is.  He’s done a nice job as far as challenging.  When he’s in a position, he’s challenging to make a play and that’s what I think you want from a corner.  As a young player or if he’s playing against a guy that’s play against him.  That’s what you see in camp.  You like to see guys that are in the mix and then you like to see them make their share.”

(On if Skrine is better inside now than outside)- “I don’t know if I’d say that.  He’s a guy that has the ability to play inside where some corners cant.”

(On James Dockery’s impact lately)- “He made a nice play at the end there.  He’s showed up and made some plays.  Especially in those two-minute drills.  Let’s hope that continues.  Maybe we’ll see it Saturday night.”

(On how Jabaal Sheard is coming along since the start of camp)- “He’s been very steady.  Steadier than you might expect from a rookie, in terms of just generally playing well.  That’s good.  He’s like anybody right now.  He’s tired and sore.  We like to think when he gets his legs freshened for a game situation, he’ll be more explosive.  He’s doing well.”

(On if Sheard has more than one pass rush moves)- “He’s got plenty of moves.  You and I have no moves (joking).  He’s got plenty of moves.  He’s good.”

(On when Massaquoi will return)- “Soon.  It’d be hard to say, I wouldn’t put a day on it.  That’s obviously the progression you take.  From the cast, to the walking boot and to the shoe.  We’re not anywhere where we didn’t expect at this point.  Soon.”

(On if Massaquoi could be back next week)- “There’s a possibility.  A possibility he could be out here running around next week.”

(On if Colt McCoy gets better each day)- “I think it’s a gradual improvement that you’re seeing, but we all have better days than others.  You can see the improvement daily.  As people watching the sport whether you’re coaching it, reporting on it or a fan of the sport it’s easy in the quarterback position to focus on maybe a play or two.  Whether it’s great or good.  As coaches, we’re looking for consistency.  It’s always the case and I don’t know what it is about football, but there’s times when you walk off the field and say, ‘Boy that was a great practice.’  Then you go and watch the tape and it was just an ok practice and vice versa because you focus on a play or two.  Same thing on the other side, there’s times when you walk off the field and say, ‘My goodness that was horrible we couldn’t even get out of the huddle.’  Then you go back and look at it and say, ‘There was a lot of good stuff in there.’ That’s what happens and we’re all watching the same stuff all the time now 24/7.  Everyone once in awhile you can draw those conclusions.”

(On McCoy’s comfort level with the transition of the offense)- “As much as he can be in Day 10 or whatever day of camp this is.  It’s starting to smooth out for him.  When you’re talking about quarterbacks you talk about where the game slows down.  Guys are struggling to see things.  Everything’s fast and it’s just a blur of colors.  As they get comfortable with what they’re doing it slows down they see it real clean and they execute.”

(On Usama Young starting over Mike Adams)- “We’d like to see him become the starter, but if Mike Adams is the starter than that’s the deal.  But I think he is a little bit versatile.  You’re looking for guys back there that can play.  If you’re the starter then you’re the guy.  If you’re not the starter than you have to be somewhat versatile.  A guy that can play corner and safety is a good thing.”

(On being excited about seeing Jarrett Brown throw the ball far)- “It’s nice when guys have talent.  He has some skill and ability.  He’s really been fun to work with.  I’ve seen him improve.  There’s something natural about what he does.  You take that natural ability and put it to the scheme.  It’s very rare that the quarterback can just drop back and throw.  There’s always some kind of movement in the pocket or you get flushed.  He’s displayed an ability now when he’s out there improvising that he can make a play.”

(On if they will carry three quarterbacks this season)- “You like to have your starter.  You’d like to have a legitimate backup.  Then you always want a guy around that you’re developing.  You’d like to have a developmental guy.  Although we didn’t draft one this year, we kind of knew all along that this guy had some skill.  We brought him in right at the beginning of the offseason a year ago.  He was a guy that Tom (Heckert) and I were familiar with.  That’s where we’re at.”

(On Brian Robiskie)- “I would say Robiskie has been very steady.  You can say that a lot about what he is.  He’s just a steady guy in terms of his personality, his performance, being on time and doing the right thing.  He’s had a steady camp and I think that speaks well to him.”

(On if Robiskie is the receiver he wants for this kind of offense)- “I like what he’s done out here.  I like Brian.  I think he has a chance to be very successful for us.”

(On Jarrett Brown’s poise in the pocket)- “That’s an important piece.  When you watch a quarterback, first and foremost, they have to be able to throw the ball.  He’s got a big arm and he’s tall and can see.  He’s got athletic ability.  It’ll be on display at some point here in the preseason.  It’s hard to evaluate.  You want to hold total judgment on all of this until you see him play in games.  Practice settings, we try the very best we can to put him in situations as game-like as possible.  But, there’s nothing like the real thing.  That’s why we try to hold judgment on evaluating guys until we see them out there performing against another team.”


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